Translation of woozy in Spanish:


atontado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwuzi/ /ˈwuːzi/

adjective woozier, wooziest

  • 1

    grogui informal
    • Still a bit woozy, Brian rose unsteadily into a crouch.
    • The hospital released her with the tests proving inconclusive, and warned her to be careful if she was feeling slightly woozy or dizzy.
    • He felt woozy and dizzy as usual in the morning, and he slowly rocked himself forward, and forced himself up.
    • For one rather panicky hour before dinner I thought I'd lost it altogether, feeling woozy and slightly dizzy.
    • I'm a bit of a turkey when it comes to needles, and I'm lying there all locked into place with the coils and headphones, feeling woozy and faint.
    • The surge of adrenaline made her woozy and weak.
    • He felt lightheaded and woozy, and his stomach hurt.
    • After my third beer, I started feeling curiously light-headed and woozy.
    • He began to feel very woozy and weak and eventually went limp.
    • He felt woozy and light headed now and was afraid it would show.
    • All I had to do now was sleep for a while… and get rid of this dopey, woozy feeling so I could run.
    • A sense of vertigo washed over her, leaving a woozy feeling behind.
    • So that when your husband comes home, looks into your woozy eyes, and asks you what you've had to eat today, you can in all honesty tell him, ‘Some toast, I think,’ before you pass out.
    • Peter, meanwhile, is battling a 24-hour virus that makes him woozy even as he swings off to rescue Betty at the seasonally closed Coney Island.
    • Regressing into a trance-like state as I threw myself back into the mindless world of typing numbers, I began to feel a little woozy at the monotony of it all.
    • I stumbled around with tissues on my nose and feeling woozy.
    • She had put herself on a strict diet to fit into a new bathing suit, hadn't eaten all day, had a few drinks at a friends party, felt woozy and went to lie down.
    • I still feel woozy, but this is the first morning since Friday that my first instinct upon getting up wasn't to go lie back down.
    • As he was talking I started feeling woozy and my eyelids got heavy.
    • My date, woozy from his first encounter with any sort of alcohol, wandered off about halfway through the first movie.