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palabra, n.

Pronunciation /wərd/ /wəːd/

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  • 1

    (term, expression)
    palabra feminine
    vocablo masculine formal
    voz feminine formal
    I can't find (the) words to express how I feel no tengo / encuentro palabras para expresar lo que siento
    • 'greenhouse' is written as one word 'greenhouse' se escribe todo junto
    • 60 words per minute 60 palabras por minuto
    • try to say it in your own words trata de expresarlo con tus propias palabras
    • it's a long / big word es una palabra difícil
    • bad / naughty / rude word palabrota
    • what's the German word for 'dog'? ¿cómo se dice 'perro' en alemán?
    • what's another word for 'holiday'? dame un sinónimo de 'holiday'
    • what's the word for that style? ¿cómo se llama ese estilo?
    • it's a miracle: there's no other word for it! no se lo puede calificar más que de milagroso
    • there's a word for what you're doing: stealing! lo que estás haciendo es / se llama robar
    • he was … what's the word? … excommunicated lo … ¿cómo se dice? … lo excomulgaron
    • she was lucky — lucky isn't the word! tuvo suerte — ¡suerte es poco decir!
    • for want of a better word por así decirlo
    • in the words of one striker … como dijo uno de los huelguistas …
    • to have a way with words tener mucha labia / facilidad de palabra
    • He attempted to say a few things, but none of the noises actually turned into words let alone sentences.
    • What kind of a person even gives that sort of nonsense the time of day, let alone writes six-hundred-odd words about it?
    • In her short time in this organized hell, Cassie understood the meaning of the word alone.
    • Etymological analysis sought to explain the meaning of individual words within sentences.
    • What made it funny were the words written on the side of the van.
    • By 7 children should be able to read and write simple words and structure simple sentences.
    • The door was unmarked and completely blank except for a single word written in a dark red script: Wayward.
    • But, one is never really sure how a single word or sentence out of a whole post can affect the way in which a reader is going to comment.
    • If they were able to recall the target word, they had to write the word in the appropriate numbered space.
    • We can sum him up in a single sentence, a single word will probably do.
    • I then realised that the letter A at the beginning of a word signifies that the word should have been printed in bold or italic.
    • Both of them got in a long conversation too many big words and weird sentences.
    • Some of the contributors here took issue with the meaning of the word print itself.
    • Well, he had some choice words for both sides in this conflict in his speech.
    • The cooler comes in a red/black box with the words Dual Fan Series printed on the front side.
    • You'll have to excuse my rather bland choice of words in the initial sentence.
    • If foul language could be banned in schools then perhaps we could hear people talking English without hearing the F word in every sentence.
    • However, the emphasis here should be on the word meaningful.
    • He hadn't seen this side of Ron yet, this, for lack of a better word, bitchy side and he was strangely unsurprised by it.
    • Then, he picked out a piece of paper and unfolded the paper that had the word, Dianna written on it.
    • They reclaim a union between word and deed, utterance and action.
    • The crucial distinction between the fifties and sixties lay in word, not in deed.
    • But our past is fraught with his infidelity in word, in deed and most likely in his heart and mind.
    • He has handled this general problem very poorly in both word and deed.
    • As one of the pillars of democracy, they have the right to question every word and deed.
    • Kumar has never harmed anyone by thought, word or deed, as far as I know.
    • They will not be satisfied until we agree with them and prove that we agree with them in thought, word and deed.
    • Britain, she said in word and deed, demanded boldness: find it in me!
    • We cannot know what is going on in the minds of our fellow human beings unless they manifest it by word or deed.
    • There is, when it comes to the arts, a massive dislocation between word and deed.
    • He inspires more by deed than word, but he has his anonymous games, as any forward does.
    • In word and deed, he is an ideal man: a perfect son, a true husband, an excellent friend and a noble enemy.
    • It was a place where I no longer had to worry about the possible negative repercussions of my every word and deed.
    • Why is everyone falling in love with Bridget when she's let her looks go to pot and appears in word, deed and fashion air-brained?
    • He loved women, especially brilliant women, and promoted them in word and deed.
    • The villains are truly dangerous and the heroes are valiant in word and deed.
    • He is not known for making idle threats, and his words very quickly manifest themselves as deeds.
    • In short, our actions will always speak louder than images and words offered by others.
    • Actions, he knows, speak louder than words as he passes on the benefit of his defensive experience to those who seek to emulate.
    • Here is an example where kind, brave actions speak louder then violent words.
  • 2

    (thing said)
    palabra feminine
    words of comfort palabras de consuelo
    • a word of advice un consejo
    • a word of warning una advertencia
    • a word of advice/warning, if I were you … te voy a dar un consejo/a hacer una advertencia, yo que tú …
    • I'd like to say a few words quisiera decir unas palabras
    • I didn't say a word! ¡yo no dije nada!
    • not a word of this to anyone! ¡no se lo digas / cuentes a nadie!
    • she left without a word se fue sin decir nada
    • I can't hear a word you're saying no te oigo nada
    • I don't believe a word of it no me lo creo
    • she doesn't speak a word of English no habla ni una palabra de inglés
    • I mean every word lo digo muy en serio
    • those were his exact words esas fueron sus palabras textuales
    • I couldn't catch her words no pude oír lo que dijo
    • fine words but it's impossible suena muy bien pero resulta imposible
    • he always has a kind word for everybody es amable con todo el mundo
    • you're twisting my words! ¡estás tergiversando lo que dije!
    • he'll end up in trouble, you mark my words va a terminar mal, acuérdate de lo que te digo
    • her dying / last words sus últimas palabras
    • in word and deed de palabra y obra
    • without a word of a lie ¡palabra (de honor)!
    • they're all words and no action prometen / hablan mucho pero no hacen nada
    • I want a word with you tengo que hablar contigo
    • to waste words gastar saliva
    • Nancy spoke specifically about the words offered by the senior minister at her church.
    • The Ministry of Justice subsequently released a statement condemning the words of Grigorov.
    • She later claimed that the press had distorted her words and repudiated the statement.
    • There he remained for most of the first half, only emerging intermittently to offer words of criticism or encouragement.
    • In true Marley style, this little book will uplift you and offer you sound words of advice when you need it most.
    • She was also willing to offer some words of advice to anyone thinking of following in her footsteps.
    • But any cautionary words in the outlook statement could damage the share's high rating.
    • He believes the players responded to his critical words and that his replacement should have been acquired last summer.
    • These are words spoken by Queen Juliana when she was inaugurated as Queen of the Netherlands in 1948.
    • One day when Zhang was on a bus, a young man beside him smoked and would not listen to his words of warning about smoking.
    • He was speaking Che's words, make no mistake, and the Soviets had turned against that, turned inward.
    • Those are strong words especially in discussing the actions of a political party holding power as a government.
    • The other woman, her voice lower, murmured some words of consolation to her friend.
    • What they say has relevance over time, even if their words were prompted by particular moments in time.
    • I stroked his head and murmured calming words and it seemed to help.
    • Charles Darwin once visited, and his words about the view have been engraved on a rock.
    • Citizens are welcome to e-mail the Senator here to offer him their kind words of support.
    • Thank you all so much for your kind words of encouragement and support regarding yesterday's post.
    • Her father's words echoed through her mind.
    • Jake almost fell off his chair as the other man's words sank in.
  • 3

    palabra feminine
    we only have his word for it no tenemos pruebas de ello
    • do I have your word for it that you will come? ¿me da su palabra de que vendrá?
    • I'll take your word for it that no one else knows about this confiaré en tu palabra de que nadie más lo sabe
    • he didn't mean to be rude — well, I'll take your word for it no quiso ofender — bueno, si tú lo dices …
    • to doubt sb's word dudar de la palabra de algn
    • it's your word against hers es tu palabra contra la suya
    • We can only do our best to hold the administration to its word.
    • When the waitress arrives, Beanie's mother remains true to her word and orders only coffee.
    • It is important that they be so, for science needs good communicators whose word can be trusted.
    • The critical issue is whether a university's word can be trusted - and on current evidence it cannot.
    • She has appealed to her own family's codes of respect and faithfulness to one's word.
    • Asked if he now stood by his comments, he replied: I have to tread a very fine line, but I don't go back on my word with anybody.
    • I've kept good on my word not to rattle the tin cup between quarterly fund drives and shall do so till next quarter.
    • By then I had already made a promise to Dundee, and I wasn't going to go back on my word.
    • I had given United my word - in the presence of my father.
    • I realise that this is a retraction of my word given to the Reverend.
    • John, you have my word we'll talk about those other officers and what they're struggling with right now.
    • I don't want to do it but I've given my word so what can I do?
    • I always promise, but it's generally understood that my word means nothing.
    • I regard his statements that my word cannot be believed as offensive, and I would ask him to withdraw and apologise.
    • I assured him that I had none of the above, but my word was not good enough.
    • You may find it hard to trust my word, and the feeling is mutual I assure you.
    • My parents always make me live up to my word so I asked them to live up to theirs.
    • Rest assured your email address is safe, I will not be passing it on to anyone, you have my word.
    • It cracks me up that I'm being held to my word from that one interview when I said I wouldn't write a love song.
    • We cannot rid the world of drugs but I give you my word that I will work to ensure that our kids have less access to them.
  • 4

    • 4.1(news, message)

      what word is there of the negotiations? ¿qué noticias hay de las negociaciones?
      • there is still no word of survivors todavía no se sabe si hay supervivientes
      • she sent word to us that she would be delayed nos mandó recado de que iba a llegar con retraso
      • I don't know how to get word to him no sé cómo hacerle llegar la noticia
      • she left word with her secretary that … dejó recado con la secretaria de que …
      • word has it that … corre la noticia / el rumor / la voz de que …
      • to put the word out / about that … hacer correr la voz de que …

    • 4.2(instruction)

      to give the word (to + inf) dar la orden (de + inf)

    • 4.3 euphemistic (the unmentionable)

      the C word la palabra proscrita euphemistic

  • 5words plural

    • 5.1(text of a song)

      letra feminine
      • What the audience sees and hears in the film is the first time an actor has performed and uttered those words.
      • When you see the casting tapes first it is weird because you are watching people speaking your words against a white plain background.
      • Performed without words, it is a deeply elemental, emotive and darkly comic piece of theatre.
      • So I just said the words on pieces of paper in front of the camera every day.
      • Later we realised we should've had the subtitles on so we could catch all the words to their squeaky little songs.
      • Outside the cathedral, the words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic echoed over London.

    • 5.2Theatre

      he forgot his words se le olvidó lo que tenía que decir

  • 6

    palabra feminine
  • 7

    • 7.1Bible

      the Word el Verbo

    • 7.2Religion

      the word el evangelio

transitive verb

  • 1

    (document/letter) redactar
    (question) formular
    (concept/thought) expresar
    a carefully worded question una pregunta muy bien formulada
    • A strongly worded letter is to be sent to the county council asking for an explanation.
    • I ask the nurse for a scribbling pad and a pen and write out a carefully worded resignation.
    • We worded a letter in such a way that it was OK for them to let our citizens out.
    • The letter was worded in such a way that made the exam sound like something horrific.
    • This strongly worded claim is not entirely without justification.
    • Public opinion on the issue often depends on how the topic is worded and framed in poll questions.
    • She just hated the way her mother worded her problems with people when she spoke to them.
    • He also asked that an amendment be made to the incitement charge, which he admitted was erroneously worded.
    • Even so, his boast that we ‘are overtaking the Conservatives’ was carefully worded.
    • Moreover the survey was worded in such a way as to discourage any other reply, the alternatives being unlikely to attract votes.
    • Looking at the way the relevant paragraph is worded, I can see how it might be read that way.
    • The reason that I mention it was that it came with a politely worded suggestion that I should change my browser.
    • It would be aimed at one person, although it would be worded to cover all naturalised Indians.
    • It was nicely worded, and enough to convince me to stay with the service.
    • These e-mails should be worded as carefully as any fundraising letter, if not more so.
    • His voice was strong and the way he worded things made it sound like poetry.
    • She had to be careful how she worded the question, for fear of upsetting or angering the short-tempered man.
    • He told it without any emotion and worded it as if it were coming from a text book.
    • I could tell he wasn't quite sure the way he had worded it was the way he wanted it to come out.
    • I guess I should have worded it better and used less background on my post.