Translation of workout in Spanish:


sesión de ejercicios, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwərkˌaʊt/ /ˈwəːkaʊt/


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    sesión de ejercicios feminine
    sesión de gimnasia feminine
    to have a workout hacer (una tanda de) ejercicios
    • Apart from your aerobic and weight training workout, make it a point to stretch regularly.
    • I do this drill daily in my workouts, and add extra time to work on it when my stroke feels low and slow.
    • The intensity of her cardio and weight workouts changes depending on how she feels.
    • During the first two days, he wondered where all the fitness he had got from daily workouts in the gym had gone.
    • There are the ones who prefer a yoga workout or a skipping session to pep up for the day ahead.
    • Grant is an excellent athlete who showed quickness and range in off season workouts.
    • That's not all, for the young women will also learn aerobics, and have a chance for a workout at a gym.
    • In the meantime, they are taking training time in the pool, workouts in the gym, and bike trail rides.
    • His diligence in the film room and during off season workouts was hard to ignore.
    • He might be able to overcome that this year because he has had full workouts during the off season.
    • How can you use this science to make your gym workouts as effective as possible?
    • In the end, I got a better workout from the Latin Aerobics than the Body Sculpt one.
    • Read on to find out how to create a weight-training workout geared to the novice lifter.
    • Make sure to try a few of the movements before adding unilateral training to your workouts.
    • By now you will be impressed with the results of your workouts and training program.
    • One reader says that when she feels well enough, she'll do feverish workouts at the gym.
    • House says the newest research is in repairing muscles after workouts and events.
    • The segmentation of gym workouts allows you to sneak in a few stretches at almost any time.
    • Still, I'm determined to lose it all again, hence the workouts at the gym.
    • Many people today prefer to dance to shed off those extra kilos rather than doing boring workouts at the gym.