Traducción de workshop en Español:


taller, n.

Pronunciación /ˈwərkˌʃɑp/ /ˈwəːkʃɒp/

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  • 1

    (in factory)
    taller masculino
    • Giant disused workshops and factory buildings would be flattened to make way for new homes and business properties.
    • Gun shops and home workshops are rooms with sharp metal laying around, grinding dust in the air and concrete floors.
    • The steel-and-concrete skeleton of the building has been repaired and the workshops have been gutted.
    • The last time I had been here was to bring a watch from the shop up to the jewellery workshops for repair.
    • She also opened a body workshop to repair bikes and now has garages around the country that are approved by the company to carry out repairs.
    • On my way to work I walk past workshops, garages and building sites.
    • The classrooms have been turned into workshops where windows are repaired, restored and triple-glazed.
    • It currently uses the quarry site to house vehicle repair workshops and store vehicles used for the film and television industry.
    • Units are mainly rented by car repair workshops and tradesmen.
    • At the back were unsightly old workshops and flat-roofed buildings.
    • Railways' have only a meagre capacity for manufacturing wagons in their workshops.
    • Each store has a recycling workshop used to repair and refurbish donated items.
    • The money meant the group could set up a workshop to repair any broken furniture collected.
    • This in itself was inconvenient as my van is also my workshop and materials store room.
    • The class was supposed to clean up the workshop and store rooms.
    • At the same time they were workshops for the manufacture of textiles, bedding, and other articles for first aid.
    • Whilst this may be true for those sunken featured buildings used as workshops, recent reconstructions have shown this to be the wrong idea for houses.
    • Most of it is devoted to offices, conservation workshops and a packing room.
    • Its outbuildings have been converted to meeting rooms and workshops.
    • With my mind made up, I turn around, and quickly run across the spacious living room towards my workshop.
  • 2

    (study group)
    taller masculino
    poetry workshop taller de poesía
    • As part of their two weeks work, volunteers engage in discussion workshops dealing with the causes of poverty in third world countries.
    • Activities will include workshops, small group discussions, good food.
    • The Network promotes the use of model organisms and intends to provide a forum for meetings, workshops and other activities.
    • The workshop is an activist project in that it empowers the women and helps them get in touch with their creative potential.
    • About 200 sessions, mostly workshops and interview-style panel discussions, will be held on six themes.
    • We have surveyed nations, held training workshops, done pilot projects, and held conferences.
    • The programme includes one-day meetings and workshops as well as activities to enhance links with external funding bodies and industry.
    • A fortnight ago she was in Barcelona for the weekend, on a British Council project, doing workshops and playing a show.
    • Those who attend the conference will engage in a series of workshops and discussions that can contribute to the unity of our movement.
    • The students had prepared projects for the various discussion workshops.
    • Meetings and workshops are underway to discuss how and if the event will be rehabilitated.
    • This art became one of most discussed subjects in contemporary theatre workshops.
    • In addition to working with almost 200 clients in the past two years, Hamill has held hundreds of business seminars and workshops on the subject.
    • We don't need empowerment workshops or team building techniques.
    • Upstairs, the large rooms host workshops for local craft groups, with whom Chris has become friendly since he took up pottery three years ago.
    • There are a number of community capacity building workshops going on throughout the Halifax municipality.
    • Several workshops focus on building self-confidence and escaping depression.
    • A series of workshops will be held building up to the festival in June.
    • This downed my spirits a little, until a vibrant and enthusiastic woman burst into the room and began the workshop.
    • Talking of great expectations, I had my first workshop for The Smoking Room today.