Traducción de worried en español:


de preocupación, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈwərid/ /ˈwʌrɪd/


  • 1

    (look/voice) de preocupación
    (person) preocupado
    to be worried about sb/sth estar preocupado por algn/algo
    to be worried estar preocupado
    • to get worried preocuparse
    • you look worried pareces preocupado
    • For years, Shaw spent his days spraying termites with pesticides and his nights in worried sleep.
    • Don't be overly worried about teen conformity.
    • I had this gnawing, worried feeling in the pit of my stomach, wondering if any farmers would show up.
    • We all sat silently, looking worried and tense.
    • She's really worried about you.
    • But we weren't worried about getting bored; there were a number of people we still hadn't talked to.
    • We were a little worried someone would call the fire brigade when we first tested the fog.
    • "He was worried about whether somebody from another site could control his equipment remotely," says Cupps.
    • We're worried about the outbreak of disease.
    • So many in my district are worried about why the poverty numbers are rising.
    • Many children are also worried about their younger brothers and sisters and want to protect them.
    • Parents are sometimes worried about their own lack of knowledge of computer technology and embarrassed to admit that their children know more about computers than they do!
    • Unfortunately, because I was so worried that my art work would not be good enough, I wasn't really concerned about what I was supposed to be learning.
    • When you are upset or worried, you can draw something and it seems to just flush all your ill feelings away.
    • Think of the last thing that made you feel bad, nervous, or worried.
    • Should we be worried?
    • When he still wasn't home by 1:00 AM on a week-night when he was usually home by 9:00 PM, I got so worried I called a police precinct.
    • Robyn didn't show up, which had me a bit worried the whole time (I later learned she fell asleep).
    • I'm starting to get a little worried about the enormity of the task ahead and the amount of change the next couple of months will bring.