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peor, adj.

Pronunciación /wərs/ /wəːs/

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    • 1.1

      (condition/singer/insult) peor
      cheer up! it could be worse ¡anímate! podría ser peor
      • these scissors are worse than useless estas tijeras no sirven para nada
      • the play wasn't very good, but I've seen worse la obra no era muy buena, pero las he visto peores
      • he could've been hurt or worse podría haber resultado herido, o podría haberle pasado algo peor
      • to get worse empeorar
      • the music got worse la música empeoró / fue de mal en peor
      • his hearing is getting worse and worse oye cada vez menos
      • his golf is getting worse and worse cada vez juega peor al golf
      • things are getting worse and worse las cosas van de mal en peor
      • if you scratch it, it'll only make it worse si te rascas, es peor
      • to make things worse, it started snowing por si fuera poco, empezó a nevar
      • what was worse was that … peor aún fue que …
      • there's nothing worse than … no hay nada peor que …
      • But it is the fault of the government itself that the remedy is worse than the evil.
      • There is one thing that is worse than evil and that is cowardice in the face of it.
      • Filthy, horrible acts of evil, worse than what he had ever done, were being performed across Faerie.
      • Morally, Orwell must surely have had to weigh up whether the potential damage he could cause to those individuals was worse than the harm they might do.
      • The claim that doing harm is no worse than allowing harm flies in the face of powerful intuitions to the contrary.
      • Is missing a rare diagnosis so much worse than harm from over-testing?
      • We all want to minimize the impact on the innocent, but losing to evil in order to avoid hitting a population is worse.
      • Many postmoderns actually think it is worse to judge evil than to do evil.
      • There are some records that are just evil, and this is worse than most of them.
      • It's worse than appalling, and I intend taking it to the highest court.
      • Please do not make things worse by doing this, it only harms the individual involved more and unkind words can scar quite deeply.
      • Does this mean that using recreational drugs in your private life is worse than attacking and causing harm to another person?
      • Failing to take responsibility for the harm that one has caused to others is even worse.
      • Sorry, but that it is just vigilante insanity that is as bad as, or as in this case, worse than the original crime.
      • The existence of other tyrants, worse or not, is no defence.
      • Generally, we hold that there's no crime worse than murder, and we punish it more harshly than we do anything else.
      • Then I saw the cop fly past me and realized the young man was fleeing from a crime worse than not wearing a helmet or running a red light.
      • There are, according to the American Defense Secretary himself, worse, much worse obscene cruelties, to be revealed.
      • An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.
      • Forgivable, in the loosest meaning of the word; after all, ladies of our acquaintance have committed worse crimes.
      • She had a friend who was abandoned at birth, a foundling, and she began to realise that abandoned children were in a far worse position than adopted ones.
      • There are examples of far worse psychology research.
      • It is hard to think of a worse time to float an airline.
      • John Lithgow has never been worse in his cartoonish and buffoonish role as the evil toymaker.
      • However if the pain is severe, or if your eyesight gets worse, you should contact your consultant straightway.
      • Women living in states with high income inequality were somewhat more likely to report worse mental and physical health.
      • What was more shocking, however, was the fakeness of it all, like a 1980s revival show but with even worse tunes.
      • Vettori has a worse average and strike rate than the others.
      • Her voice was deep and low and she spoke even worse English than I do.
      • Two weeks in a cold snowy environment had made my joints dramatically worse, so I arrived back feeling very despondent.
      • Leigh couldn't have made a worse start, leaking two tries in the opening four minutes after conceding cheap yards from successive penalties.
      • The unfortunate result was that students began buying cheaper heaters of worse quality from vendors.
      • The underlying theme was that while the province is strapped for cash, there are other regions in the country that are in worse shape.
      • They have set out to reassure members of the public, police officers and community leaders that any change will not leave the county in a worse position.
      • As time went on, these cartoons got even worse and eventually collapsed with the folding of the company.
      • Increased fuel prices couldn't come at a worse time for the domestic industry with competition in the local market about to hot up.
      • Only Basildon and Thurrock General had a worse record than the Royal Bolton Hospital, according to the Department of Health.
      • Frankly, I can't see any evidence that suggests that Costello will do a better job than Howard - or a worse job.
      • We have worse water quality now due to erosion and other forest products are hard to get, such as palm leaf for roofing.
      • I have an ABC friend who speaks much worse Chinese than me, but nobody pushes her to switch to English when they talk with her.

    • 1.2(less suitable, desirable)

      he couldn't have phoned at a worse time no podía haber llamado en peor momento / en un momento menos oportuno

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    (in poorer health)
    to be worse estar peor
    • he is worse than yesterday está peor que ayer
    • to get worse ponerse peor
    • Grandad has got worse since he's been in hospital el abuelo se ha puesto peor desde que está en el hospital
    • I think I've got worse creo que estoy / me he puesto peor
    • She had a vague feeling that if she heard what he had to say, she would end up feeling even worse than she already was.
    • Yet it was an unhappy household, made worse by hints of Behrman's mania to come.
    • However, Brian Martin, from Glasgow, claims his operation made his left eye worse and left the vision in his right eye blurred.
    • Prisoners, he conceded, often felt worse for the experience, feeling degraded and punished.
    • She didn't mean to be disparaging, which only made me feel worse.
    • He soon dumped her as she continued to make him feel worse everyday they continued their relationship.
    • Debbie's sad smile made her only sibling feel worse, not her original intention.
    • But what made her feel worse was that no one on the team said anything to blame her.
    • Comments like this makes your child feel even worse than she does already for failing at something.
    • But as we drove back to town, you could tell that nothing we could say would make him feel any worse than he already did.
    • Knowing that he felt so bad about it made me feel good, to tell you the truth, so there was no point in making him feel worse than he already did.
    • His remarks made me feel even worse than I already did, and also unimaginably ancient.
    • She didn't want them to feel worse than they already did, so she just resorted to weeping quietly.
    • It made him feel as if he was ten times worse than he already was.
    • She asked me I sighed sometime parents could make you feel worse then you already did with out even knowing it.


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    → comparative of badly
    they played worse than we did orworse than us jugaron peor que nosotros


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    the worse el (or la etc.) peor
    • he's taken a turn for the worse se ha puesto peor