Translation of worship in Spanish:


culto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwərʃəp/ /ˈwəːʃɪp/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      culto masculine
      adoración feminine
      sun worship el culto al sol
      • freedom of worship libertad de cultos
      • act of worship ceremonia religiosa
      • let us join together in worship unámonos en oración

    • 1.2(veneration, admiration)

      their worship of wealth/success su culto a la riqueza/al éxito
      • an object of worship un objeto de veneración
      • he gazed at her with worship in his eyes la miraba con adoración

  • 2Worship

    (as title)
    Your/His Worship Su Señoría

transitive verb worshiping, worshiped, worshipping, worshipped

  • 1

    (God) adorar
    (God) venerar
    (God) rendir culto a
    • Templeton is like a temple for Bedloe, a place of highest reverence where deities are worshipped.
    • The original inhabitants of Oman were pantheists, worshiping various goddesses and gods.
    • The walls of temples were carved with images of Portuguese visitors and Arab traders, of Brahmins honouring the Buddha and Buddhists worshipping Hindu deities.
    • At festivals we decorate and honor her, but we do not worship her in the sense that we worship the Deity.
    • In fact, this freedom is at the root of the composite nature of Hinduism as they worship many deities.
    • Buddhists strive for a deep insight into the true nature of life and do not worship gods or deities.
    • Most Malaysian Indians are Hindus, and they worship a pantheon of gods.
    • The ancient Yemenis were polytheistic - they worshiped many different goddesses and gods.
    • The Mother Goddess is worshipped as Durga, but also assumes the form of local ammans, or goddesses, such as Mariamman, who protects against disease.
    • The books I looked at and bought spoke of people who once worshiped female deities rather than male ones.
    • In India, the most colourful and elaborate celebrations take part in Bengal, where huge idols of the goddess are worshipped.
    • The ancient world, or the religion that we're talking about, worshipped a pantheon of gods, a gallery of gods.
    • Here we have a main character, played by Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah, wearing Hindu clothing and worshiping the Goddess Kali.
    • Buschbeck explained that Hellenes do not worship the pantheon of 12 gods as deities.
    • Potato deities were worshipped and used for telling the time and treating illness.
    • Along the coast of south India, Hindus tend to worship local deities, most of them female and far down the Hindu hierarchy of divinities.
    • Visitors to the temple used to worship the deity in the morning and the crowd for the evening ceremony would be meagre.
    • His paintings, done in earthy colours, depicted men worshiping the kula deva, or clan god, in the form of linear drawings with geometric heads and bodies filled in with lines and triangles.
    • Shinto is the oldest known Japanese religion, yet it has no founder, no sacred scriptures like the Sutras or the Bible, and no single deity to be worshipped and revered.
    • The temple at Madurai is one of the few temples in India containing both male and female deities where the Goddess is always worshipped before the Gods.
    • Many on both left and right find congenial niches in which to worship, focusing their religious lives on the small church rather than the large one.
    • He said his aunt was well known in the area where she lived and was a religious woman who worshipped at the Church of the Nazarene.
    • Greetings and good wishes were brought by Gordon Darragh, from Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast, where the Wright family had been worshipping.
    • When J. C. Ryle became the first Bishop of Liverpool in 1880, he and his family worshipped at St Nathaniel's when not engaged elsewhere.
    • Under the law, voucher students can be taught about religion but cannot be forced to pray, worship or profess a religious belief.
    • He was an independent in religion, worshipping at the chapel Bunyan had served, a teetotaller, vegetarian, and a man of austere habits.
    • Slovaks affiliated with the major religions worship in established churches or synagogues.
    • Generations of African-American families have worshiped here, beginning with services held under a brush arbor prior to the Civil War.
    • They are simply exercising their birthright to worship as they choose.
    • The Constitution of the United States gives us the legal right to worship as we choose.
    • In the UK, however, all the sects and factions of the religion are free to worship and debate.
    • They invoked the elements and the ancient Welsh gods who their family had worshipped for millennia.
    • Each village has its own goddess or Gramadevata, often in the form of an idol worshipped under a sacred tree.
    • The names of nearly 2.5 million of the fallen are inscribed here, all of whom are considered to be divine spirits worshiped under Japan's pantheistic Shinto religion.
    • Ceiling and paint were added to the sanctuary in 1997 so the congregation wasn't worshipping under naked steel roof sheets.
    • Ask them to bring back suggestions of music that they hear and like when they are worshiping with other congregations or a great ‘theme song’ from a retreat or conference that gets their attention.
    • Emerson's survey also obtained higher figures when researchers asked individuals if they worshiped in mixed-race congregations.
    • Yes, I know that places are made sacred by the celebrations, prayers, and charity of the believers who worship in them.
    • A congregation's ritual of eating, learning and worshiping together all lend the theological impetus for continuing such practices in the home.
    • May we all therefore learn to worship, and to learn, in spirit and in truth.
  • 2

    (success/wealth) rendir culto a
    (hero) idolatrar
    he worships his mother's memory venera la memoria de su madre
    • Mary Torres, of Ratcliffe Street, York, nervously watched the game with her Argentine husband Pablo and four-year-old son Nico, who worships the South American side.
    • Newcastle's huge support turned out to worship their new legend, but they will need patience before he can blossom
    • Am I doomed for six more years of loving him, putting him on a pedestal, and worshipping him?
    • What we're poking fun at is the kind of people who take a symbol and worship that, which is what happens when people worship celebrity.
    • If they're willing to abandon their own grandchildren for the sake of worshipping their son's memory, then it's their loss, and let them go.
    • You should be on your knees kissing my feet thanking and worshipping me!
    • I longed for you, I worshipped you at your feet, come to me my rock star.
    • Therefore she absolutely worshipped her son although she had been greatly disappointed in his weak character.
    • It was plain to see that he was a total ‘player’ and he didn't like having a girl not worship his august self.
    • I actually went to college with his son Andy, a youth who worshipped the music of Phil Collins rather too much to be completely healthy.
    • All at once, Rena feels both like turning around to run out the door, and staring at him in frozen admiration - like a person worshipping a piece of art.
    • Harriet practically worships Emma, which is the last thing Emma's ego needs.
    • In their native countries (Spain and Italy respectively) they were practically worshiped.
    • I was asked to appear on covers of art magazines I had once worshipped.

intransitive verb worshiping, worshiped, worshipping, worshipped

  • 1

    local Muslims need a place to worship la comunidad musulmana de la zona necesita un lugar para sus oficios religiosos
    • the church where we worship nuestra iglesia
    • he absolutely worships at her feet siente verdadera adoración por ella