Translation of worth in Spanish:


Pronunciation /wərθ/ /wəːθ/

See Spanish definition of valer


  • 1

    (equal in value to)
    to be worth valer
    • it's worth a lot more than I paid for it vale mucho más de lo que pagué por él
    • it's a nice coat, but it isn't worth the money el abrigo es bonito, pero no como para pagar ese precio
    • goods worth £5,000 were stolen robaron mercancías por valor de 5.000 libras
    • she must be worth millions debe ser millonaria
    • he was worth $20 million when he died cuando murió tenía una fortuna de 20 millones de dólares
    • how much is it worth for me to keep quiet about it? ¿cuánto me dan por no decir nada?
    • she's worth ten of you vale diez veces más que tú
    • it's worth nothing to me para mí no vale nada
  • 2

    (worthy of)
    the museum is worth a visit vale / merece la pena visitar el museo
    • it's worth a try vale / merece la pena intentarlo
    • it's well worth the risk bien vale / merece la pena correr el riesgo
    • I don't think it's worth waiting for her any longer creo que no vale la pena esperarla más
    • it might be worth checking whether they've received it convendría comprobar si lo han recibido
    • it's not worth the trouble / the effort no vale / no merece la pena molestarse
    • that's worth knowing es bueno saberlo
    • don't argue with them, it isn't worth it no discutas con ellos, no vale / no merece la pena
    • don't let him upset you, he isn't worth it no te amargues por él, no vale la pena
    • if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well si se hace un trabajo, hay que hacerlo bien


  • 1

    $2,000 dollars' worth of furniture muebles por valor de 2.000 dólares
    • three years' worth of hard work tres años de duro trabajo
  • 2

    (of thing) valor masculine
    (of person) valía feminine
    to prove one's worth demostrar su (or mi etc.) valía
    • the car proved its worth on the long journey en ese largo viaje nos dimos cuenta de lo bueno que era el coche
    • In total, I had technically lost nearly four hundred dollars' worth of money.
    • Printing up trillions of dollars' worth of new money was bound to have an effect.
    • There's more than half-a-million pounds' worth of prize money for these first three races.
    • The only way her husband can get the money is to provide lands of equivalent worth to Judith and her children.
    • A petrol station cashier was tied up by robbers who stole more than £10,000 worth of goods and money.
    • Masked raiders tied up a security guard and stole thousands of pounds' worth of computer equipment from Motorola, a court heard.
    • That is €1 billion worth of stock that has been, or will be, distributed tax - free.
    • Some HK $7.1 billion worth of apparel was exported in the first quarter of this year.
    • Four years and over £10m worth of squashed fruit sales later, critics could be reviewing their scepticism.
    • Lindsay alone accounted for some $300-million worth of sales over the past five years.
    • Twelve pence worth of leaf gold was an expensive amount.
    • Americans import six dollars worth of goods from China for every one dollar of US products sold in China.
    • Miss Creamer told the prison authorities she had injected £80 worth of heroin and drank up to six litres of cider or lager each day.
    • For every pound that the company spends, it only makes 10p worth of extra sales.
    • The whole of Kerala accounts for a cut-flower business worth more than Rs.3 crores a year.
    • And then I suppose I'd need several million dollars worth of equipment and raw materials.
    • At the same time it won an order to supply 1.5 billion euros worth of equipment for 3G licenses.
    • All the Plus edition models feature more than £3,000 worth of extra equipment.
    • Given the context of a man seemingly re-evaluating his sense of inner worth, how does he feel now about his music having been used in car adverts?
    • It takes years to build up your image and esteem to the point where the your inner sense of worth meets your outer sense.
    • We have always tried to make her see that the inner worth of people is what is important, not the expensive trappings on the outside.
    • Lesser shows were put into the same pot with retrospectives of quality, significance and worth.
    • James McLaren Showed his strength and worth in second-half break which inspired the best Scottish period of the game.
    • First, let me say that Otto Rehhagel has demonstrated the true worth of a genuinely gifted coach.
    • This year he has certainly proved his worth and talent ten times over.
    • The Greeks expressed a belief in the worth, significance, and dignity of the individual.
    • You may have always known his worth on an intellectual level, but now it becomes real to you.
    • We are asked and indeed expected to present ourselves to the world and each other as beings of value and worth.
    • No longer do you have to achieve something of worth or have a famous or incredibly rich relation.
    • We need to resist thinking that this proves our superior worth and attainment.
    • Personally, I didn't think a person's status as alive was dependent on moral worth.
    • You don't need a man to prove your self worth, " Waverly told her friend seriously.
    • No one becomes a decent human being without the love and caring of someone who truly values their worth.
    • Sure, comedy is tough: it requires actual laughter to prove its value and worth.
    • Regular keeper Lee Ward is on holiday for three weeks, but that should give an opportunity for new signing Mark Thornley to show his worth.
    • But in France the revolutionary spirit was still strong and the common people had gained a sense of their power and their worth.
    • There's no place in this existence where athletes feel the meaning, worth or value they did as athletes.
    • Good as they are for reading or study or the like, their real value or worth is in their being voiced in common prayer.