Translation of wrap in Spanish:


envolver, v.

Pronunciation /ræp/ /rap/

See Spanish definition of envolver

transitive verb wrapping, wrapped, wrapped

  • 1

    (parcel/gift) envolver
    to wrap sth/sb in/with sth envolver algo/a algn en/con algo
    → see also wrap up
    shall I wrap it for you?, would you like it wrapped? ¿quiere que se lo envuelva?
    • The pillars are wrapped in new reflective material which allows light to bounce off the stone and create a natural light in the building.
    • Coming back into the room, she wrapped a soft night-robe around her.
    • The designers used paper fabric to wrap each chair.
    • Mieczyslaw wrapped his shoes in paper bags so he wouldn't slip on the snow.
    • He then sent a boy for some brown paper and wrapped the fish in it.
    • Leaves were wrapped in moist paper towels and immediately transported to the lab.
    • When it has fully cooled and solidified, the fat should be wrapped in old paper then put in the bin.
    • The gifts should be wrapped in Christmas paper, stating whether they are for a man or a woman.
    • Now my desk is covered in little slips of curled paper from where they wrapped themselves around the roller.
    • I checked the closet and found some gold wrapping paper to wrap Angel's present.
    • The shoe boxes are then wrapped in Christmas paper and sent off to one of seven countries, mostly in Eastern Europe.
    • Please remember your box and its lid should be wrapped separately in Christmas paper and fastened with a rubber band but not sealed.
    • Experts are convinced the hair, which was carefully wrapped in tissue paper, is a genuine lock from the Queen's head.
    • My presents had been wrapped in tissue paper or cheap linen, with small hollies or nativities on them.
    • Fruit were handled with care and, after harvest, were individually wrapped in wet paper towels to retain water.
    • The tropical night comes fast - soon a soft darkness wraps the beach except where the gas lanterns light the work of the bhajiwallahs and the fortune tellers.
    • Dr Conrad took a blanket from the bed and wrapped it tightly round him, then gently fished a tissue out of a box and wiped the tears from Danny's face.
    • A Culinary Institute of America grad and former Neil Stein employee, Curley wraps chicken fingers in black forest ham and Swiss.
    • It was a relief when I finally found my way back to the car and wrapped myself up in Andrea's mummy bag.
    • When he got out of his car they wrapped him in a protest banner.
  • 2

    (wind, entwine)
    I wrapped paper around the vase envolví el jarrón con papel
    • she wrapped a shawl about her se envolvió en un chal
    • he wrapped his arms around her la estrechó entre sus brazos
    • he wrapped his car around a tree chocó (el coche) contra un árbol
    • go on and wrap yourself around that cheese sandwich ¡vamos, híncale el diente a ese sandwich de queso!
  • 3 literary

    (surround, immerse)
    the town was wrapped in darkness/mist la oscuridad/niebla envolvía la ciudad literary
    • the affair lay wrapped in mystery el asunto estaba envuelto en misterio / rodeado de misterio
    • As a reaction the man grabbed her close to him, wrapping her into an embrace.
    • Upon hearing them, the old woman wrapped Altair into an embrace similar to the one she'd given Ada, nearly squeezing the life out of him.
    • I was wrapped in Diogenes' embrace and gazing sleepily at the flames as they danced within the confines of the fire pit.
    • Precious seconds later, they were wrapped in a tight embrace, each unwilling to let the other go.
    • Immediately she was wrapped in an embrace, a familiar perfume filling her nose.
    • A moment later the four of us were wrapped in a huge embrace.
    • For several minutes they embraced each other and wrapped themselves in loving passion.
    • Two of them wrapped him in an embrace of mateship, holding his arms to his side.
    • He wrapped her in his embrace as the panic he felt earlier finally subsiding.
    • I felt someone wrap me in an embrace in the dark alley; I buried my head into their chest, smelling the sweet smell of vanilla.
    • Zeke brought his mouth to mine again, this time coaxing me to wrap him in an embrace.
    • Jordan was taken aback for a moment before he undid his seatbelt and leant over to his mother to wrap her in his embrace.
    • The cool, mid-October air meant that we needed to start wearing jackets outside, and in our final embrace, he wrapped me in his.
    • I felt Aunt Laura sit next to me and wrap me in another embrace.
    • She jumped into his embrace, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as his own encircled her tiny frame.
    • Remembering the way Chandra and Lydia had embraced her, Bryony wrapped her arms about the child.
    • Samara yelped when Ethan suddenly grabbed her and gave her a bear hug, wrapping her whole body with his open sweater.
    • Tom wrapped her body in a comforting embrace as George answered the question.
    • It was then that Adam noticed she had her hands wrapped around herself, covering herself up.
    • Before I knew it though tears were streaming down my face and Marco reached over and wrapped me in a bear hug.


  • 1

    • 1.1(shawl)

      chal masculine
      pañoleta feminine
      • Finally, Dragana Perisic's simple, stylish pieces consists of wraps for men and long straight skirts for women.
      • More fluid designs and flowers bloomed all over the catwalks, on everything from chiffon dresses and silk wraps to shirts, bikinis and kaftans.
      • Capes, ponchos and crocheted wraps were teamed with pants and even skirts.
      • She was wearing a kilt that morning, a wrap of heavy pleated material belted at her waist and colored in a green and brown tie-dyed pattern.
      • With a collection of fashionable and luxurious coats, jackets and wraps, it has all your cold-weather needs covered.
      • And as suddenly as it had started, it broke away as Claire slipped out of bed, dragging the top sheet with her as a loose wrap.
      • It is common for women to cover their lower outer garments with a traditional wrap (lamba).
      • They also have a great collections of jewellery and accessories such as shawls and wraps.
      • The wrap should be loose enough to slip a finger underneath it.
      • The multi poncho wrap is a bohemian must have when teamed with chocolate brown cord jeans.
      • Others showed whole garments of fur - coats, jackets and wraps.
      • For everyday wear men wear a cotton wrap, a shirt, and sandals.
      • The collection on the ramp includes plenty of blouses, wraps, body-fitted crushed tops and scarves.
      • However, mothers and grannies of the bride need not be alarmed, as wraps, boleros and capes are very much in vogue for the service at least.
      • Chief bridesmaid Rhauan Jade Young (bride's goddaughter) wore a gold dress, with a wrap and tiara.
      • But you need warmer wraps and sweaters for the evenings and early mornings.
      • To survive winter mornings and evenings, you need warmer wraps and sweaters.
      • Handwoven cotton cloth is sewn into wraps for women and tunics for men, as well as into blankets.
      • Like her husband, she wore her wealth on an emerald green dress and the fox-fur wrap lying behind her though it was summertime.
      • The wrap is super soft, warm and is put on when getting out of the shower or bath.

    • 1.2US (robe)

      bata feminine
      salto de cama masculine Southern Cone

  • 2

    (wrapper, wrapping)
    envoltorio masculine
    to keep sth under wraps mantener algo en secreto
    • to take the wraps off sth sacar algo a la luz
    • Bones and plastic food wrap can cause choking and/or obstruct a pet's digestive system, and may require a surgical solution.
    • Films are the type of flexible plastic used in plastic bags or food wrap, only much thicker.
    • To maintain humidity during germination, I place the flat in a plastic bag, cover it with plastic food wrap or use a plastic humidity cover.
    • They will need to wrap their hair with plastic food wrap or a shower cap.
    • Healthy skin can be pictured as a multi-layer cake covered by a single sheet of clear plastic food wrap to keep it fresh.
    • The pumpkin-shaped balloon is composed of a lightweight polyethylene film about the thickness of ordinary plastic food wrap.
    • Forget the toy and just let Fluffy enjoy this colorful paper wrap saturated in pure catnip nectar.
    • Seal it all in plastic kitchen wrap, and leave untouched for at least a week to 10 days.
    • I prefer to see my food in cello wrap with little indication that it was actually an animal or alive at one time.
    • Tiny hands forming tiny people out of cereal, foil wrap or paper clips, illustrate the size of children's personally improvised art.
    • He cut it in half, fat ways, and smiled at me as he wrapped each half in plastic deli wrap.
    • In the Home department is a selection of Mother's Day cards, wrap and gifts from photo frames to books.
    • These are all variations on the same thing, though: a soft cloth wrap that holds the baby close.
    • Remove from heat and cover with plastic wrap, pressing wrap against sauce.
    • Almost 100 bales of silage wrap, eight bales of straw and a number of tyres were destroyed as the blaze spread to his property.
    • The silk yarn produced from these equipment can be used as wrap and is a substitute for the imported tasar one.
    • The A-shaped cups are now covered in a shrink-sleeve wrap made from high-quality film.
    • Remove, cut away the cling wrap and serve with the roe sauce.
    • He was slowly peeling the cling wrap from his sandwich.
    • It's best to give the flavors a little time to meld, so wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for a few hours if you can.