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    • I dunno: is this a direction y'all would like to see graphic design and comics go in?
    • It's an excellent site that I am sure many of y'all will find to be of interest.
    • Again, I'd like to thank Steve for inviting me aboard and hope that y'all enjoy my posts.
    • So now that the cable modem's working again I can tell y'all more about the play.
    • Not even a pounding migraine will keep me from posting bad poetry for y'all.
    • Hope y'all have a wonderful day and we will talk again sometime soon.
    • And if y'all didn't know, I have a phone at home now, so you can email me for the number or something.
    • I have some before pictures too, in underwear only, but I'll be damned if I put them up for y'all to see!
    • I won't tell you what Yannick argued for, y'all go and read it yourselves, but tell me what you think on the issue.
    • Have a irie day at work and I will see what y'all have to say later.
    • I'll try and stop by a cheap internet cafe during the week to see how y'all are doing - I might even drop a few hints.
    • We'll be celebrating it together in spirit, and at least it'll give y'all an excuse to drink yerselves blind!
    • And you know, with the amount I cooked, there's more than enough here for all y'all!
    • Yes, I have stuff that I could discuss, but frankly y'all may find it boring.
    • So I have a few questions which y'all might be able to answer for me.
    • Unless y'all are checking it out to see if I've listed your blog, which is bad, because that information is at Blogmarks.
    • Perhaps I will fisk him (although I suspect y'all would do a better job than me).
    • Shame you didn't quite make it on to country rock - but y'all come back repeated on BBC3 now, y'hear?
    • Thank you for your kind thoughts and Happy New Year to y'all.