Translation of yahoo in Spanish:


patán, n.

Pronunciation /jɑˈhu/ /ˈjɑːhuː/ /jəˈhuː/

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    patán masculine
    • The young people, they have no religion, and the yahoos are coming home to roost.
    • When will the Left learn that this is not simply a nation of dimwitted yahoos?
    • Doesn't this simply reflect that the soccer hooligans and other yahoos have turned it into a symbol of bigotry?
    • True, it would represent a humiliating surrender to some of the most reactionary yahoos in American society.
    • But there's not much you can do about yahoos or rhetorical hooligans but keep your own head on straight and let them chatter.
    • Would it be a land of civilised horses and violent yahoos?
    • I delight in the pain of braying yahoos wherever I find it.
    • Can't we organise a whip-round to buy an island where these counter-Enlightenment yahoos can live without bothering anybody else?
    • Unfortunately it also has the most appalling collection of yahoos in English cricket and their drunken antics put Headingley's Test future in some jeopardy.
    • Would-be entertainers with an almost hallucinatory shortage of talent would enact their dismal showbiz fantasies before an audience of hostile yahoos.
    • This and other glaring contradictions have been obscured by yammering talk-show yahoos who have been attempting to equate dissent with treason and capitulation.
    • Notice the condescension toward American soldiers, who are rightly viewed by most people as volunteer members of elite organizations, not as unemployable yahoos.
    • It is neither smart nor attractive for liberals, the self-professed champions of the little people, to scorn the vast majority of their fellow citizens as mindless yahoos.
    • A couple of years ago, a band of local yahoos vandalized their home, threw bottles of beer through two front windows, kicked in the front door, trashed the garden, and cut the phone line to the house.
    • It happened because the editors and reporters at the Los Angeles Times take it for granted that people who live in weird states like Wyoming are dangerously ignorant yahoos who need to be taken in hand by the federal bureaucracy.
    • A rowdy horde of northern yahoos came south for the game, some covered in Voyager-blue body paint, to cheer, chant and harass, intent on distracting the less-experienced Warriors from the match.
    • Right now they see no hope for the future until those prone-to-racism yahoos whose reactions you're so worried about are shown that it's OK to hire someone who looks or talks or dresses or acts a little differently from the boys at the lodge.
    • With politics, there just happens to be [an inordinate amount] of flag-waving yahoos.
    • It is incomprehensible that this group of yahoos can, under cover of darkness, set up an ambush for the emergency services.
    • Speeding yahoos in trucks, obscenity-hurling men, and people aiming their vehicles at you for sport are among the obstacles that students face when walking down the east side of Burnaby Mountain from SFU, says one SFU student.