Translation of Yardie in Spanish:


jamaicano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjɑːdi/

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  • 1

    • So I shook my legs and did a few Yardie moves… just like what Beenie Man did tonight.
    • Him lucky seh it wasn't a Jamaican parent that was holding that baby or there may well have been a true Yardie style lynching on dat rass flight.
    • Mr Glass added: ‘He described the killer as having a Yardie or Jamaican accent.’
    • As if Emily wasn't enough… I wake up to read that one of the suspected suicide bombers who did their evil deed in London last week may well have been Yardie born!


  • 1

    (fellow Jamaican)
    jamaicano masculine
    jamaicana feminine
    • I just wanted to say hi and to tell the other Yardies to stay safe.
    • Big up to all the Yardies who are representing for us in Italy!
    • Since she was a Yardie like myself, I was trying to help her out.
    • It seems to me (from my oh, so scientific, informal surveys) that most Yardies are Democrats, in fact!
    • The slothful, ignorant rest of them will be bemoaning the fact, that not only are the Haitians taking over, but so are the Trinis, Yardies, and assorted other Black brothers.
    • So, far from home you help another Yardie… who asks for help that you would hesitate to give some of your own family - but you far from Yard, and you know you would appreciate the same level of assistance.
    • Is it the real deal that I'm getting from my Yardie bredrin over here?
    • Now the thing about being away from Yard, is that when you see another Yardie you look out for each other.
  • 2British

    delincuente jamaicano masculine
    delincuente jamaicana feminine
    • It's not us nice white middle class people who are to blame, it's those nasty Yardies!
    • She must be the only person in the UK unaware of the gun crime, perpetrated by Yardie gangsters in our major cities.
    • He said this, along with the closure and demolition of the Hayfield last year, meant the Yardies had been forced to move elsewhere.
    • It was like we were the Kray twins or a group of Yardies.
    • The tough policy is symptomatic of a new war on Jamaican Yardies that is being waged by police, as revealed by the Yorkshire Post last Saturday.
    • His murder was the catalyst for the outbreak of gun terror around Chapeltown as Yardies and home-grown dealers battled for supremacy.
    • They flew officers from Scotland Yard to Kingston, Jamaica, to find Yardies and recruit them to help them make contact with drug dealers.
    • A total of 57 Yardies have reportedly been deported to Jamaica by police after being arrested in connection with a spate of shootings in Leeds.
    • DC Lockhart said that while police did not have any intelligence to suggest that Coore was a Jamaican Yardie, they could not be absolutely certain of his name and age.
    • Extra armed police patrols are to take to the streets of a Yorkshire city in a bid to thwart an escalating gun culture sparked by the arrival of drug-dealing Jamaican Yardies.
    • So far the team has made nearly 190 arrests, deported 70 Yardies and seized 15 firearms, including two sub-machine guns.
    • In West Yorkshire, police set up Operation Stirrup in July 1999 after receiving intelligence that Yardies were making a move on the cities of Leeds and Bradford.
    • By 2001, Chapeltown had become the scene of an escalating turf war between the Yardies and rival drugs gangs, who were embroiled in a seedy world of drug smuggling and drive-by-shootings.
    • Since becoming fully established in April 2001 it has made more than 400 arrests, deported more than 200 Yardies and taken 70 firearms off the streets.
    • The latest shootings come amid growing concerns that Jamaican gangsters - known as Yardies - are being flown over to Leeds where they disappear into the drugs underworld and live illegally.
    • Are images of Yardies, guns and deprivation really a depiction of normal life in London?
    • The market has expanded massively in recent years as Yardies - West Indian criminals gangs - muscled their way into major cities in England and Wales, including Leeds and Sheffield.
    • Leeds, with a large African-Caribbean community, has also been hit by a series of shootings linked to the drug and the arrival in the city of so-called Yardies from Jamaica who have upset local dealers by muscling in on their trade.
    • The Hayfield, towering above a parade of tiny shops on Chapeltown Road, Leeds, became synonymous with an escalating turf war between the Jamaican Yardies and their British-born rivals, known as Yoots.
    • The clampdown by a dozen full-time officers was set up nearly 12 months ago in response to a number of shootings in Leeds involving gangs of Yardies and Yoots - British-born Afro-Caribbeans - squabbling over the drug trade.
    • The happy couple spent many a relaxing evening in Stoke Newington, sipping fine wines and listening to the sound of Yardie bullets ricocheting around the streets below.
    • It is understood Yardie drug barons have moved into Sheffield for the first time in an attempt to claim new territory.
    • The weapon is a favourite with Yardie gunmen on the streets of London, but also ‘it has become a weapon of choice around the country.’
    • An armed police raid on a pub said to be a home to Yardie gangsters and drug dealers was praised yesterday.
    • Regulars were driven away from a Leeds pub by violent Yardie drug gangs who imposed a reign of terror, a police commander said yesterday.
    • Because there is no formal structure, Yardie gangs have little resemblance to organisations like the Mafia.