Translation of year-round in Spanish:


de todo el año, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌjɪ(ə)r ˈˌraʊnd/


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    de todo el año
    • We plan to hire a consultant who can train our year-round staff in emergency management.
    • A portion of the collection can be viewed year-round at a museum in Nelson.
    • The intensity of the team's year-round training regime would be wasted on a player of inferior ability.
    • For one, they would like to remain open all year, but winter business has to warrant a year-round operation.
    • This is a very delicious salad which you will want to make year-round.
    • The Resort operates year-round, but the cooler months are March to November.
    • Apart from the odd tourist, there are many non-Malay people who reside in Sarawak year-round.
    • Muddy fingers of water reach out to the famous seal colony, which is the year-round home to more than 500 seals.
    • Bali is a year-round destination, with average temperatures in the high 20s.
    • Used in the right way and with plants of appropriate scale, hedges bring year-round definition and a sense of enclosure.
    • The finding has led to renewed calls for British Summer Time to be used year-round to give lighter afternoons and evenings.
    • As Lanzarote is only four and a half hours away, it spares you the jet lag and vaccinations, yet still offers the lure of year-round sun.
    • A spokesman for Cumbria Police said the don't drink and drive initiative was a year-round message.
    • Pleasure Island in St. Anne's is to be transformed into a all-weather, year-round attraction.
    • It has year-round beautiful ruby red leaves, which look particularly attractive with the light shining through.
    • Those painted toenails, that designer handbag and year-round tan.
    • I have a year-round newspaper contract, I wrote my book, and produced a DVD with Freddie Flintoff.
    • Texas, by contrast, has year-round warmth and could swallow the aggregate population of Alaska without so much as a belch.
    • This set of teenage girls cultivate their outlandish look by tanning themselves year-round in salons and dying their hair gold.
    • Perhaps that explains its year-round allure: as well as pleasing all the other senses, the grub is actually very good.


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    (durante) todo el año