Translation of year end in Spanish:

year end

Pronunciation /ˈˌjɪ(ə)r ˈˌɛnd/


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    at year end 2009 al terminar el año 2009
    • by year end hacia fin de año
    • Up to about 30 years ago there was usually a small surplus in the coffers at the year end.
    • Plainly losses of that magnitude took some concealment particularly at the year end.
    • Take your year-end numbers and compare them line by line with your business plan.
    • By year end, we are likely to have revenue growth falling down through the inventory growth rate.
    • The group has, furthermore, performed well in its core activities in the period since the year end.
    • Assess investing goals In January, you will get your year-end portfolio statement.
    • Again, if postings had been carried out correctly, by the year end this account should also have had a nil balance.
    • The management accounts for the year end to 28 February 1993 showed trading at a loss.
    • Q. For the purposes of each company at its year end it was desirable to resolve any outstanding financial queries?
    • Net debt at the year end is expected to be reduced ahead of schedule, at approximately €465 million.
    • Since preliminary tax is based on an estimate, it is fair to assume that after the year end, there will be a balance of tax due either to Revenue or to the tax payer.
    • Then, come the year end, I have receipts for five envelopes, two stamps and a computer disk to set against my vast and ginormous tax bill.
    • When it published its third quarter figures Elan said it expected to raise $200m cash from asset disposals by the year end.
    • He doubted corporation tax figures would disappoint by year end, given the strong performance of the banks and the multinational sector.
    • According to the Executive, the report will appear this spring - a full year after its official year end of March 2005.
    • I don't think we are going in to a prolonged bear market, but I think it will be volatile and will have a downward bias and I think we can go lower before the year end.
    • It seems to me that this is the more realistic income figure for the Husband and it shall be adjusted retroactively, if the Husband receives a bonus at the year end.
    • Thus Mars prepared their statutory accounts on the basis that part of the annual depreciation charge was included in the cost of unsold stock on hand at the year end.
    • Profits for the year end are expected to come in at £760m.
    • According to the institution it is on this basis that the trusts forecast deficit for the year end is now less than the £2.6 million originally forecasted.
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    year-end report informe de fin de año
    • year-end sale rebajas de fin de temporada