Translation of yearbook in Spanish:


anuario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjɪrˌbʊk/ /ˈjɪəbʊk/ /ˈjəːbʊk/

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    anuario masculine
    high school yearbook anuario del colegio
    • In high school, he was editor of the school's literary magazine and the yearbook.
    • I learned more about solid page layout in my high school yearbook class than I have since then.
    • When they listed his activities next his picture in his senior yearbook, the font was made smaller to fit all of it.
    • Sure enough, hidden in a corner there was a shelf dedicated to the previous school years' yearbooks.
    • He and apprentice Kristen Kuharik used the phone book and school yearbooks to find names and addresses.
    • The last high school homecoming week, the last prom, and the best yearbook.
    • Noah went home that night and looked through his old high school yearbooks, glancing through all the pictures.
    • They went through the pictures and the yearbooks, recalling old memories and how much fun they had during the four years.
    • He'd seen my picture from the yearbook, and he later asked me out.
    • One of the items I lost was the yearbook from Papa's senior year at LTHS.
    • They were taking a team photo for the senior class yearbook; so all the members of the team were clad in navy colored shirts and shorts.
    • I closed the hardcover of the yearbook and slipped it back on the book shelf next to the journal that I kept through high school and am still keeping.
    • Not every high school yearbook has photographs like that.
    • In most yearbooks, to borrow a line from Paul Simon, ‘all the world's a sunny day.’
    • In 1971 for Oprah's high school yearbook picture, she sported a really cool flip do and she was voted most popular in her senior yearbook.
    • Fix your eyes on this stunning snapshot from my senior yearbook.
    • If you know where your grandfather lived when he was about 18, and if he graduated from public schools, see if the local library has yearbooks from back then.
    • It is an impressive book, with evidence drawn from newspaper accounts, high school and college yearbooks, guide books, and archival sources.
    • We were even voted ‘best-friends’ for our senior yearbooks.
    • Among them: baby books, high school and college yearbooks, playbills for student productions, teacher evaluations, diaries, journals, letters, photos, and videos.

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    • Un anuario publicado por los estudiantes de un high school en EEUU, al final de cada curso. Contiene información sobre las actividades académicas y sociales de cada uno, juntamente con fotografías y dedicatorias.