Translation of yellow-belly in Spanish:


gallina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈjɛloʊ ˌbɛli/ /ˈjɛləʊbɛli/

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nounplural yellow-bellies

  • 1

    gallina masculine, feminine informal
    cagueta(s) masculine, feminine informal
    cobarde masculine, feminine
    • Of course, that don't mean having a revolution every day like them yellow-bellies and Bolsheviki, or every time some job-holder does something he ain't got no business to do.
    • And the fact that Stevie can sign, seal, and deliver on the Lakers front court to the tune of a triple-double does not bode well for the yellow-bellies.
    • Forget the yellow-bellies; the overcrowded prisons offer myriad low cost Rambo wannabes.
    • Okay I'm going to teach you yellow-bellies to kick and punch.
    • As film historian Thomas Doherty notes, the ‘slanderous central conceit’ of High Noon was that ‘the Old West was packed with no-account yellow-bellies.’