Translation of yelp in Spanish:


dar un gañido, v.

Pronunciation /jɛlp/

See Spanish definition of gañido

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (dog) dar un gañido
    (dog) dar un aullido
    (person) dar un grito
    • The man two had tried to choke her, kicked her hard and she yelped like an injured dog.
    • Gone is the silly robot dog that I wanted to see yelping around with its leg in a bear trap.
    • We screamed and yelped and hugged each other tightly to relieve some of the unwanted stress.
    • It's a very angry affair, with buzzsaw guitars and yelping and screeching down the mic.
    • During the walk home, I saw some dogs locked up in a car outside the park, barking and yelping.
    • Closing curtains or doors is raised as a solution to stopping dogs yelping at passers-by.
    • She yelped, the blindman howled and I had a white stick in between my ankles.
    • The dog must have known danger was in the air and had run across the street, away from death, and ran barking and yelping.
    • Between the yowls there was whimpering and barking and whining and yelping and the odd snarl directed at a feisty neighbour.
    • All the world loves a dramatic comeback story, and this pop icon is primed to prove she's still got what it takes to make the kids yelp and shriek with glee.
    • Dogs to yelp enthusiastically. drD will be attending a formal reception area in an anonymous office block later today.
    • I could hear him sobbing and really yelping and screaming.
    • Any dog not in harness was howling and yelping to be put in one, and even when harnessed they continued with their wretched wailing until they were off and running.
    • Kelsey and I watched in shock as people yelled in fear and ran from the fire; scared dogs began barking and yelping, helpless in their cages.
    • Jack's vocal persona shifts throughout the record - sometimes he yelps, yells and howls, while on other songs, he gently serenades the objects of his affection.
    • There were the sounds of punching and kicking, objects being broken, grown-ups begging for mercy, children crying, chickens clucking, dogs yelping and pigs squealing.
    • As I left tonight, darkness of course had fallen and you can hear people yelling for help, you can hear the dogs yelping, all of them stranded, all of them hoping someone will come.
    • Maybe shrieking and yelping in the background while a bunch of hollow-eyed Irish crooners half-heartedly mumble a chicken-in-a-basket classic is just what Jackson needs to get his career back on track.
    • She is pallid and gaunt, like a sexy vampire howling away, yelping out, ‘you're gonna have to step over my dead body before you walk out that door,’ and grabs the mike feverishly with black lacquered nails.
    • Ms Levett, quoting a statement by Miss Whip, said: ‘I heard Stubbs yelping and the larger of the two dogs had got him by the neck.’


  • 1

    (of animal) gañido masculine
    (of animal) aullido masculine
    (of human) grito masculine
    • She let out a yelp of pain as her shoulder connected with the sharp corner of the wood table.
    • Matthew let out a yelp of pain and fell to the floor next to the unconscious Leo.
    • I barely stifled a yelp of pain as she threw her arms around my aching ribs.
    • Though the pushing and grappling can be quite vigorous, marmots have only to give a sharp yelp to end the bout.
    • Elisabeth gave out a yelp as the sharp teeth of the snake dove into her skin, unleashing its venomous liquid.
    • Her yelp was cut short when she landed hard on the ground, grass molding about her form, with the air knocked out of her.
    • At a loss to get out, he finally shoots himself in the foot during a battle, but his yelps of pain are mistaken by his fellow soldiers as a cry to attack.
    • Gabriel gave out a yelp of pain as he struggled to get free.
    • My head cracked against the floor and I let out a yelp of pain.
    • Using her now free leg to ram her knee into the abdomen of his slightly hunched form, she was delighted to hear his short yelp of pain as he clutched his stomach.
    • Mortana's knife sliced the pale skin on the back of Zeora's hand, producing a yelp of pain and… a line of oozing blood.
    • Startled, I released a sharp yelp and quickly took a step back.
    • Chris instantly let go, his face contorting with pain, a yelp flying from his lips; a second later he hit the floor as Jake's father shoved him roughly.
    • Sarah grabbed Joe's arm and twisted it till he gave a yelp in pain, ‘You stupid moronic idiot!’
    • I heard myself give a small yelp of surprise and pain.
    • A short yelp in pain was all Ocsillatornis could utter.
    • Inside he heard Nicky give a short yelp of surprise.
    • He let out a yelp of pain and released her wrists, but it must not have hurt him too badly, because he remained standing and chased after Elizabeth when she turned to run.
    • She made a short yelp which caught Pickle's attention.
    • Something sharp was jabbed between his shoulder blades, and he sat up with a tiny yelp of pain, dropping his hands back onto his desk and turning his head to glare at Skylar.
    • Ethiopian wolves are suspicious of people, and if they spot someone in their territory they go on full alert, letting out high-pitched yelps - alarm calls that tell the rest of the pack of the intruder.