Translation of yeoman in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈjoʊmən/ /ˈjəʊmən/

nounplural yeomen

  • 1

    vasallo propietario de la tierra que cultivaba (freeholder)
    yeoman farmer pequeño propietario rural
    • to do/give yeoman service prestar valiosos servicios
    • A market revolution occurred as a yeoman and cash crop agriculture and capitalist manufacturing replaced artisan economy.
    • Around 1700 they had less wealth than yeomen in each region, but by 1810 they owned as much personal estate as yeomen and were approaching the wealth of farmers.
    • For the agricultural writer Arthur Young, yeomen were only freeholders who were not gentry, and the same definition was used by witnesses before the 1833 Select Committee on Agriculture.
    • Until more recently, historical accounts of nonslaveholding whites of the antebellum Southeast have focused heavily on yeomen and sharecroppers.
    • They rearranged their estates to create larger tenant farms on rack rents, with a decline in small yeomen farmers with customary tenure or freeholds.
    • It is at this point that we see the emergence of the yeoman farmer: a peasant smallholder with up to 100 acres of land.
    • A virtuous citizenry, which Jefferson considered essential to a republican form of government, was most reliably constituted of yeomen farmers he believed.
    • Those in the middle of society, whether yeomen farmers or tradesmen, prospered.
    • The poorly-educated son of a yeoman farmer, his social graces, and those of his wife, left something to be desired.
    • The early Republican ideal of the yeoman farmer was giving way to the virtues of urban capitalism and concern for, or fear of, the urban masses.
    • The hoplite's presence on the battlefield was a reflection of his own free status in the polis community and thus reinforced his privileged position as a free yeoman farmer and voting citizen.
    • These folks here at the sheriff's office have done a yeoman's job for the citizens of this county.
    • As rumours of the impending rising grew stronger the Government ordered John Derenzy to form a party of yeomen in the area.
    • The event at the Charterhouse, where the young Elizabeth I stayed before acceding to the English throne, featured musicians, a court jester and yeomen guards in a bid to recreate the regal splendour of the Tudor age.
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    Yeoman of the Guard alabardero de la Casa Real