Traducción de yesterday en Español:


ayer, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈjɛstərˌdeɪ/ /ˈjɛstərdi/ /ˈjɛstədeɪ/ /ˈjɛstədi/

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    I spoke to him yesterday ayer hablé con él
    • yesterday morning ayer por la mañana
    • they left yesterday week ayer hizo una semana que se fueron
    • I was welcome yesterday, but today I feel like the three of you are hiding something from me.
    • The crew of a nuclear submarine was given a hero's welcome yesterday as it arrived home from the Gulf.
    • I think it was today or yesterday President Chirac essentially backed that up.
    • And they came to the House yesterday and today with the recommendation that was passed.
    • There was an upswing of violence again today, yesterday, and the day before.
    • His reaction is the same today as it was yesterday, that he wants to get to the bottom of this.
    • Still, things have been far smoother here today than they were yesterday.
    • Well, I think I'm considerably less grumpy and irritable today than yesterday.
    • However, one of his lawyers said yesterday that today's court date will still have to be honoured since it was ordered.
    • I'll ask him questions about what we did today, yesterday, and about the adventures that we've had in the past.
    • Mr Dillon did not return calls to The Guardian yesterday or today.
    • Fatal crash investigators combed the scene yesterday and would return today to continue their investigations.
    • I am doing a research paper on Women's voting rights; yesterday and today.
    • Having had to offer congratulations to one celeb couple yesterday, today The Sun is back on form, stirring up a spot of trouble.
    • There is many western places in this town so I had some porridge yesterday and some muesli today which is really helping things.
    • Our trip over the Pennines went very well yesterday, good job we did it yesterday as today the M62 is blocked due to an accident.
    • I actually listened to Thought for the Day on Today yesterday.
    • Detectives arrested the boy in Bradford yesterday and he was today being held at Lawcroft House police station awaiting interview.
    • The ceremonies were taking place over two days at York Minster, yesterday and today, and saw students graduate in a variety of subjects.
    • Speaking of stats: do you think they tell you how many people visited your beloved blog today, yesterday, last week, last month?


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    the events of yesterday los acontecimientos de ayer
    • yesterday was a busy day ayer fue un día de mucha actividad
    • the day before yesterday anteayer
    • all our yesterdays nuestro pasado
    • The day before yesterday and today, and both on the final climb to the finish.
    • My official photographer so far has released only this picture from yesterday's music fest.
    • My rest day from yesterday ended today, finally, at about eight o'clock in the evening.
    • After yesterday, this is probably the nicest day we've had thus far this year.
    • We did release a statement early on and then a few days later we began to talk about it, starting with yesterday and today.
    • Between yesterday and today I have been completing my preparations for departure on Tuesday.
    • My work computer went wonky now and I lost most of yesterday and today to trying to get my environment working again.
    • And I guess just looking at today and yesterday, what do you think of the overall process?
    • I raise a difficulty that we have from yesterday concerning today's answers.
    • Air France scrubbed the same flight set for yesterday and today from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris to Dulles.
    • Today's announcement follows yesterday's suspension of the outfit's shares.
    • In the insonmiac flux I live in, I seem to have finally conquered time: today is yesterday is tomorrow.
    • In yesterday's hearing, a senior FBI official and another senior CIA analyst agreed.
    • I slept for most of yesterday and today, cos am utterly exhausted.
    • Staff at the estate agents spent today and yesterday contacting owners, but there are still a number of people they have been unable to speak to.
    • The flood watch included Elvington Beck, where the water had visibly risen today since yesterday, and Stamford Bridge.
    • On a day like today… after yesterday, I tend to reflect, internalize, and re-address the balance.
    • I think I can put at least some of my decision on comments below down to the fact I was coming down ill with something and have had to spend yesterday and today at home.
    • October 26 1999 I missed the previous day's filming so today I sit and watch yesterday's rushes.
    • The third one outdid them all by going out with his car into a riot ridden area (there was rioting in most of Karachi today due to yesterday's events).