Translation of yield in Spanish:


ceder, v.

Pronunciation /jild/ /jiːld/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (position/territory) ceder
    to yield sth to sb cederle algo a algn
    to yield one's right of way ceder el paso
    • It is reported that the company yielded to the toughest demand to avoid government intervention.
    • She yielded to their demands.
    • At the age of 76, Jenkins finally yielded to public demand and performed at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944.
    • Finally, he partially yielded to their argument.
    • The Japanese government yielded to these demands.
    • This weekend, the administration yielded to his demands and agreed to include a disputed 30 month period in calculating his pension entitlements.
    • He finally yielded to her demands.
    • He yielded to pressure by sharing power with a Prime Minister.
    • As the state yielded to the power of the mob, German men were forcibly removed from their homes, often ostensibly for their own protection.
    • Workers yielded to pressure and resumed work yesterday, without any improvement, in laying the cross-country pipeline.
    • The authority yielded to American pressure.
    • The councillors may have yielded to pressure.
    • Cooper yielded to the pressure in the 13 th minute.
    • He might have yielded to pressure to save his position.
    • He didn't really want the job but yielded to public pressure.
    • But it later yielded to nearly all the striking truckers' demands.
    • Halifax chiefs are understood to have yielded to Bank of Scotland's demand that the new company be sited in the Scottish capital.
    • In any event Spencer yielded to pressure and resigned in 1893.
    • In May 1915 Vienna reluctantly yielded to German pressure.
    • She yielded to pressure from her contemporaries.
  • 2

    (crop/fruit/mineral/oil) producir
    (results) dar
    (results) arrojar
    these bonds yield 9.2% estos bonos rinden / dan un (interés del) 9,2%
    • these measures will yield a net saving estas medidas traerán aparejado un ahorro en términos reales
    • the inquiry yielded no new evidence la investigación no aportó nuevas pruebas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(give way)

      to yield to sb/sth
      • to yield to temptation
      • she yielded to their threats
      • he yielded to (an) impulse and bought the lot
      • Motorists will be able to proceed through the intersection after yielding to circulating traffic on the left.
      • He said under the new traffic system, motorists drive around the green as they would around a roundabout, yielding to traffic coming from the right and travelling in a clockwise direction.
      • The safety authority wanted all vehicles approaching a T-junction from a minor road to yield to right-turning traffic from a through road.
      • A preliminary investigation indicates she was at fault for failing to yield to oncoming traffic….

    • 1.2(give priority)

      to yield to sth/sb dar prioridad a algo/algn

      • yield

    • 1.3(in debate)

      to yield to sb cederle la palabra a algn

  • 2

    (beam/ground/ice) ceder
    it yielded to the touch cedió a la presión
    • The structure yields.
    • The upper right-hand corner yielded to a slight pressure.
    • Of all sugary plant produce, none yields a commodity as highly valued or widely grown as grape wine.
    • Cross-referencing among chapters is excellent, yielding a product that appears more integrated than such symposium-product volumes often are.
    • In 17 of 19 cases PCR yielded nonspecific products or failed.
    • Repeated amplifications using the same templates yielded products with identical DNA sequences.
    • Since that land would not be totally barren or completely isolated, it would yield some product.
    • His grass farm had begun to yield a new product: profits.
    • Further experiments, however, yielded a refined product that reduced the side effects.
    • The two reactions each yielded a product of 1.5 kb.
    • It will also yield valuable manure, provided it is not mixed with inorganic waste like plastic.
    • The breakdown of porphyrin yields bilirubin, a product that is non-polar and therefore, insoluble.
    • The complete metabolism of cane sugar and its complete combustion yield the same products: carbon dioxide and water.
    • North America is the largest producer of flaxseed and related products that yield millions of tons of fiber.
    • They live in destitution while the land yields billions of dollars annually to the people who took it away.


  • 1

    rendimiento masculine
    the yield per hectare has risen by 5% per annum la producción / el rendimiento anual por hectárea ha aumentado en un 5%
    • to give a good/poor yield dar un buen/mal rendimiento
    • fixed/variable yield bonds valores de renta fija/variable
    • It severely reduces agricultural yields and productivity.
    • The majority of the continent's population is employed in agriculture characterized by low yields and low labor productivity.
    • Genetically engineered super plants are expected to boost agricultural yields significantly.
    • The result has often been poor yields and high production costs.
    • He said Government had spent enough resources in the agricultural sector which should produce a good yield.
    • Organic farmers use natural controls and work with nature's cycles to produce healthful, abundant yields.
    • It must be optimized to produce yields in excess of 100 bushels per acre.
    • Scientists warn that such changes could affect agricultural yields, timber harvests and water resource productivity.
    • Yields of cereal grains are likely to decrease in the tropics where many countries are already under water stress.
    • While the yield of a product is carefully monitored, the amount of waste generated has until recently been of less concern.
    • In the office and industrial sectors, yields are likely to be less than 5% at present.
    • The significance of soil salinity for agricultural yields is enormous.
    • Milk yield is dependent on a good energy intake and a crude protein of 16.5% in the diet.
    • In the case of cereals, grain is the primary yield and total production depends on the number of plants per area, tillers per plant, number of ears per tiller, grains per ear and mass per grain.
    • Agricultural yields were improving and the development of turnpike roads and canals later in the century enabled food to be transported more quickly to areas of shortage.
    • The high yields of the stock market can be exploited either by letting individuals invest their money in the market or by having the government invest it there for them.
    • Producers have reduced yields and controlled fermentation temperatures in an attempt to capture the distinct aroma of the grape.
    • They need Phosphorus and Potassium to produce high yields and to persist.
    • The ultimate goal of credit is to produce yields for both the bank and the debtor.
    • There is still time, though, for winter wheat to be drilled and to produce reasonable yields.