Translation of yobbo in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈjɑboʊ/ /ˈjɒbəʊ/


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    • It's going to be a magnet for yobbos, vandalism and antisocial behaviour.
    • I can't understand people with young children allowing these yobbos to get in there.
    • These yobbos and drunks are scaring people.
    • They are cowardly yobbos who must be stopped now.
    • The crowd at Headingley were just drunken yobbos.
    • You might get some yobbos that leap around.
    • We're now seeing plenty of young yobbos who are wielding rocketpropelled grenades on an opportunistic basis.
    • There are yobbos coming down here all the time.
    • When firefighters arrive the yobbos start spitting at them, giving verbal abuse, climbing over the engine and throwing bricks at it.
    • They don't care about throwing stones or the problems with yobbos in this area.
    • I know you do your best, but the law is on the side of the yobbos, these criminals, not the victim.
    • There is absolutely no justice when it comes to these yobbos who go out and hurt innocent people.
    • These are not all brainless yobbos who just go abroad to get drunk and have a fight.
    • This town is not ruled by a few yobbos.
    • They claim yobbos have wrecked the wire fence.
    • We do not turn out yobbos to wreck our society.
    • We cannot go on allowing drunken yobbos to ruin our town and our lives.
    • Low-life yobboes simply laugh at them.
    • The yobbo may have thrown an egg.
    • The last festival I went to was terrorised by drunken yobbos and violent episodes.