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yogur, n.

Pronunciación /ˈjoʊɡərt/ /ˈjɒɡət/ /ˈjəʊɡət/

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(Britanico yoghurt)
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    yogur masculino
    yoghourt masculino
    yogurt maker yogurtera
    • Chilled soup of Jaffa orange and natural yoghurt and oregano ice cream is served in the summer.
    • Cram the lumps of chicken into hot pitta bread with the spiced yoghurt and some shredded crisp lettuce.
    • Whizz the avocado, yoghurt, milk, lemon juice and vinegar in a blender until smooth.
    • There is bacteria in yogurt that breaks down lactose prior to digestion.
    • They began to produce milk and yogurt for sale at the beginning of 1987.
    • The frozen yoghurt is simply a vanilla smoothie chucked into an ice cream machine.
    • This dish consists of pork, chicken and veal cooked in yogurt and garlic.
    • For starters we both chose rosette of smoked salmon with a sour cream and fresh dill yoghurt.
    • For a sweet and crunchy snack, mix a handful of bran flakes with some low-fat yogurt.
    • Le Petit Suisse is not yogurt, but a very rich little pot of fresh, sweet fromage frais.
    • For breakfast I am to have muesli, yogurt and berries, which are all quite delicious.
    • She's always full of pizza, yoghurt, different cheeses and her favourite drink, milk.
    • Mix the water and yoghurt together, add a pinch of salt and a drop of oil.
    • When the beans are cold he stirred in more fresh dill and enough strained Greek yoghurt to bind them into a soft dip.
    • Eat organic yoghurt bought solely because it is made by a woman called Rachel.
    • Cream and yoghourt are by products of milk so they are dairy.
    • Mix equal parts lowfat mayonnaise and yogurt and use to dress coleslaw or potato salad.
    • Add pureed spinach to yoghurt instead of cream for a version of creamed spinach.
    • Frozen yogurt is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than ice cream, and it bursts with flavour.
    • You can freeze your starter yogurt in ice cube trays so that it is convenient to have on hand.