Traducción de yonks en Español:


Pronunciación /jɑŋks/ /jɒŋks/


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    I haven't been there for yonks hace siglos que no voy por allí coloquial
    • The shop that stocked such items closed down yonks ago.
    • It was another black day for the blue-blooded Fraser clan, which is still in denial after losing its Highland estate yonks ago.
    • I was back at the bar at this point watching the proceedings when I spotted someone I knew from yonks ago.
    • We'd made a double batch yonks ago so we had to put some away in the freezer.
    • If a robot-child, many yonks into the future, were to ask me what was ‘hip’ in the 00's, what would i tell them?
    • The hunger has been there for yonks.
    • I thought the lead paint on toys story had been settled yonks ago.
    • Why on earth is it called Magdalen Street when it's yonks from Magdalen?
    • The carpet had been there for yonks and people had commented on it.
    • How come it takes a biography to bring this to light, when we've all known about this for yonks?
    • Adam from Soccer accidentally reminded me that it's about time I did what I've been meaning to do for yonks.
    • There are books i've been meaning to read for yonks, but somehow haven't got down to
    • In the USA of course, prisoners have been disenfranchised in many states for yonks, and it is considered normal.
    • Many plants have medical application, and have for yonks.
    • I have been hounding these lads to come on tour with me for yonks, and with the complete band finally in the country, it is time.
    • I like these guys, and as far as I know they haven't done anything for yonks.
    • Ruud van Nistelrooy is about to make his first appearance for yonks.
    • There are yonks of solo shows with good buzz.
    • Analysing Lawson alone will take yonks, and I need help.