Translation of you in Spanish:


tú, pron.

Pronunciation /ju/ /jə/ /juː/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(as subject)

      (familiar) vos Central America, River Plate
      (formal) usted
      now you try ahora prueba tú/pruebe usted
      • I don't think that hat's you ese sombrero no te favorece
      • poor you! ¡pobrecito!
      • you liar! ¡mentiroso!
      • If I could have one wish, it would be for you to never stop loving me.
      • We will always love you, and revere your amazing grace in that wonderful season.
      • If you have a story or information you would like to be included we would love to hear from you.
      • You cannot see that I would have loved you forever if you had only loved her the same way
      • You can comment on a show or a gig you've been to and you either loved or hated.
      • I would love to give you more officers, but we have a set number and a lot of pressure on us to meet targets.
      • My love for you is true and fills my mind and heart with a blinding passion that simply overwhelms me.
      • I'd love to tell you that Celtic are the only team in for him and that all is rosy.
      • I might not be able to write much when it kicks off as we will be moving around, but I love you so much.

    • 1.2(as direct object)

      (familiar) te
      (formal, masculine) lo
      (formal, masculine) le Spain
      (formal, feminine) la
      I saw you, Pete te vi, Pete
      • I saw you, Mr Russell lo vi, señor Russell

    • 1.3(as indirect object)

      (familiar) te
      (formal) le
      (with direct object pronoun present) se
      I gave it to you te lo di/se lo di

    • 1.4(after preposition)

      (familiar) ti
      (familiar) vos Central America, River Plate
      (formal) usted
      for you para ti/usted
      • with you contigo/con usted
      • she's taller than you es más alta que tú

  • 2

    • 2.1(as subject, and after preposition)

      (familiar) ustedes Latin America
      (familiar) vosotros Spain
      (familiar) vosotras Spain
      (formal) ustedes
      be quiet, you two ustedes dos: ¡cállense!
      • come on, you guys! vamos, chicos
      • hey! you lot over there! ¡eh, ustedes allí!
      • you liars! ¡mentirosos!
      • with you con ustedes
      • they're taller than you son más altos que ustedes

    • 2.2(as direct object)

      (familiar) los Latin America
      (familiar) las Latin America
      (familiar) os Spain
      (formal, masculine) los
      (formal, masculine) les Spain
      (formal, feminine) las
      I heard you, gentlemen los oí, caballeros
      • I heard you, boys/girls los/las oí, chicos/chicas

    • 2.3(as indirect object)

      (familiar) les Latin America
      (familiar) os Spain
      (formal) les
      (with direct object pronoun present) se
      I gave you the book les di el libro
      • I gave it to you se lo di

  • 3

    • 3.1(as subject)

      when she starts crying, you don't know what to do cuando se pone a llorar, no sabes qué hacer / uno no sabe qué hacer
      • you can't do that here aquí uno no puede / no se puede / no puedes hacer eso

    • 3.2(as direct object)

      people stop you in the street and ask for money la gente te para en la calle y te pide dinero

    • 3.3(as indirect object)

      they never tell you the truth nunca te dicen la verdad

  • 4US informal, dialect

    (for yourself)
    (singular) te
    (plural) se Latin America
    (plural) os Spain
    you'd better get you some food más vale que te compres/se compren algo de comer