Translation of you'd in Spanish:


Pronunciation /jud/ /juːd/ /jʊd/

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    • If it weren't so unseasonably warm, you'd think this was the place that inspired the verb, to chill.
    • With a spectator's hat on, you'd need a stiff drink to even think about it.
    • Soon, when borrowing a book, you'll be able to specify how sexy or sad or silly or sentimental you'd like it to be.
    • Now, I bet you never thought you'd see a link to the Daily Hell on this blog.
    • I saw a news item in an Icelandic newspaper that you'd be giving a talk in Reykjavik in April, is this true?
    • The first mile is a cosmopolitan shopping street, although probably not one you'd go out of your way to visit.
    • If you taxied as far as I just did at Gatwick, you'd be halfway to Chichester.
    • Choose which evening you'd like to come and then write it in your diary!
    • Anything you'd like to see that I don't usually do, or haven't done for a while?
    • When you love someone, you really love them, you'd do anything for them.
    • If you walked into the room while it was playing, though, you'd wonder what on earth I was listening to.
    • if you could just feel for a second what I feel right now, then you'd understand.
    • It used to be that you'd phone a company and a receptionist would answer.
    • When half the population is reading a book, you'd have to be dead not to be mildly curious.
    • If you read this article, you'd assume that Russia was on the verge of ratifying the Kyoto protocol.
    • It's on a traffic-heavy street, not the kind of area you'd necessarily choose to hang out in.
    • With a name like the Casa Alberto you'd expect this to be an Italian restaurant through and through.
    • If you're tempted to go for a cheaper option rather than what you'd really like, stop and think first.
    • I'm not usually a big fan but you'd have to be inhuman not to find Brad Pitt way hot!
    • Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with your family and friends?