Translation of you've in Spanish:


Pronunciation /juv/ /jəv/ /juːv/ /jʊv/

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    • If you've a partner who refuses to ride pillion, you've the option of adding a sidecar.
    • If you've always hated them, pop them out of their skins and taste the difference.
    • As a matter of fact, you look as if you've been sitting out in the sun as well.
    • If you want to get law that is enforceable you've got to go get to the street!
    • Your wardrobe has taken over the entire top floor of our house and you've still got nothing to wear.
    • He played stuff, the like of which you've never heard, and every tune blew your socks off.
    • This will be lovely, though it sounds scary and messy until you've looked into it.
    • Never ask an open question on your weblog before you've tried asking Google first.
    • I realise acting is a risky profession but you've got to keep believing in yourself.
    • The thing about winning in life is you've got to concentrate on what is necessary to reach the top.
    • So, the day after you've been paid, what's left for having a great time down the pub?
    • There could be more car parking spaces, but then you've got the problem of where to find them.
    • We know you've got the Smash Hits tour coming up, and then a new album on the way.
    • When you reach the rushes and a good stone track, you've done the ascent, the rest is a cruise.
    • When you buy something new you don't expect to then find what you've bought is second hand.
    • I still think we've got a side capable of achieving more but you've got to be realistic.
    • The thing about a shed is you don't want it taking up the whole yard, but you've got so much stuff to cram in it.
    • As an adult, now is the time to go on that diet you've been promising yourself since January.
    • Once you've gone down that road it is mostly downhill and getting steeper by day.
    • Once you select a number the game is over, and your score is the number that you've been given.