Translation of yuck in Spanish:


¡puaj!, interj.

Pronunciation /jək/ /jʌk/

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    ¡puaj! informal
    • CREEPY-crawliesfound themselves in the spotlight this week in Carlow and no one dared - not even once, to utter the word… yuk!
    • Some of their food was quite nice but some was a bit yuk!
    • It's so annoying when you are in the middle of a meal and then the person behind you lights one up yuk!
    • We had cat hair stuck to our lip gloss, all over our clothes, just… yuck!
    • I had been using different brands of oil reducers, and they all made my face feel slimy - yuck!
    • The bread here is sweet, yuck!
    • A part of one of my courses requires that I do some creative short story writing… yuck!
    • In fact I'm sure that if I did eat meat (which I haven't done since I was about 13-as the smell makes me feel sick - yuk!
    • We all know he's still in love with Joanna and he'd never betray her with Emma, yuk!
    • They were batting their eyelashes a million times a second and showing off their best seductive smiles… yuk!
    • I know I said that there are better girls out there, but I didn't think my sister would be an option… yuck!
    • I would rather not have gotten my first kiss yet than have gotten it from the creep I did… yuck!
    • Some weird kid had asked his mother to make him sliced pickle on mayonnaise, yuck!