Translation of yummy in Spanish:


riquísimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈjəmi/ /ˈjʌmi/

adjective yummier, yummiest

  • 1

    yummy! ¡hmm!
    • What I did was make some healthy yummy food for her when she was at my house, then give her the recipes.
    • I love having dinner here as the food is always yummy and I don't have to do any dishes.
    • There also will be yummy food and cold drinks for sale.
    • Roman has already cooked me way too much yummy food, and I can't even go running because of the rain.
    • During the 8 days there, the weather was lovely, food was yummy, things were incredibly cheap.
    • The food was yummy and we both liked the décor, which made E think of a bed and breakfast, and me of the hull of a ship.
    • It had a yummy sauce, flavoured with a lot of fresh ginger and star anise.
    • Amanda and Helaina stood in front of the boys, blocking access to the yummy food.
    • The air was filled with the smell of yummy food and a slight sniff of alcohol.
    • I turned to move out of the lunch with my yummy food towards the table Hyori was sitting at.
    • Lou emerged in the kitchen with a bundle of brown grocery bags filled with yummy food.
    • We had BBQ and left overs and I managed to make a yummy potato salad.
    • Head for cinemas, enjoy videogames and savour those yummy fast foods.
    • We had a ton of yummy food from the great guys at Feeding Frenzy, which is always a good thing.
    • Someone brought along a yummy salad that had bean sprouts in it, and I helped myself to some and munched away.
    • I made myself another yummy sandwich on polar bread for lunch today.
    • I can make soup, and enjoy lots of yummy dishes that just seem out of place in summer.
    • We had yummy mushroom risotto and long cool glasses of Pimms.
    • This will be a great community event with plenty of yummy curries on offer and fabulous live entertainment.
    • They put on a wonderful spread, complete with champagne and yummy cakes.