Traducción de yuppie en Español:


yuppy, n.

Pronunciación /ˈjəpi/ /ˈjʌpi/

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nombreplural yuppies

  • 1

    yuppy masculino, femenino coloquial
    (clientele) (before noun) yuppy coloquial
    (lifestyle) de los yuppies coloquial
    • The yuppie crowds love the concept and organisers swear that these events are extremely popular.
    • There were even people playing football in the yuppie village this evening.
    • Harlem is a relatively harmless, rather dull patch of a great city still garnering a tiny cachet among the local yuppies because it used to have quite a spunky black community.
    • This hotel in Shivajinagar had for years remained outside the loop for the partying yuppy crowd.
    • I was born too late to be a yuppy, too early to be generation X, or a member of the Chemical Generation.