Translation of zeal in Spanish:


fervor, n.

Pronunciation /zil/ /ziːl/

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    fervor masculine
    celo masculine
    she showed excessive zeal mostró un celo / afán excesivo
    • in her zeal for reform … en su afán reformista …
    • I do commend the officers involved upon their zeal and energy.
    • One glance at those staring eyes was enough to confirm that this was a man burning with missionary zeal.
    • At the age of 21, full of zeal and love, Richard was accepted as a junior agent in the Irish Church Missions.
    • Extreme nationalism and ideological zeal militated against observing rules of moderation.
    • His will provides a fascinating insight into his Puritan zeal and personal generosity.
    • That zeal is infectious and I finished the book long before we landed at Heathrow despite my struggling eyelids.
    • So great was their zeal that Christians would sooner die than deny the existence of their Lord and God.
    • His rousing words were delivered with such zeal that after a while you even began to believe that he believed what he was saying.
    • The artist is embracing new experiences delivered by his health shock with youthful zeal.
    • On the manic and almost religious zeal of admirers of the sagas, Lucas noted that he had two fan bases.
    • Excessive rabid zeal can be just as bad for a country as excessive do-nothing laziness.
    • The party's modernising zeal is set to sweep away Britain's archaic alcohol restrictions.
    • Charities always have great plans and members who pursue the cause with single-minded zeal.
    • She shared her husband's reforming zeal and supported him in his campaigns.
    • Palmer was bowled over by Blake's mystic zeal, while Blake was flattered to have a young follower.
    • He embarked with zeal on a foreign policy he himself didn't quite understand.
    • Today the more religious zeal a person has, the more selfish and heartless he is apt to be.
    • While his zeal is unchallenged, the strength of his evidence remains uncertain.
    • The youngest boy had the unreasonable zeal of a brainwashed psychopath.