Translation of zebra crossing in Spanish:

zebra crossing

paso (de) cebra, n.


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    paso (de) cebra masculine
    cruce de peatones masculine
    • The elderly find it dangerous to cross the road at a pelican crossing or a zebra crossing because of speeding vehicles.
    • I became aware that an elderly lady was attempting to cross the road at a zebra crossing so I thought I would approach her and see if she needed any assistance.
    • She counted more than 590 vehicles passing over the zebra crossing in London Road by St Margarets Mead.
    • The work to convert the zebra crossing into a puffin crossing is set to start in October and has received funding from Bradford Council's Highways Department.
    • The diversion happened shortly after 6pm when a pedestrian was knocked down on a zebra crossing on Lower Addiscombe Road.
    • After waiting there for several minutes, she walked out of the shop and was crossing the road at a zebra crossing near to Mayfield Road when he tried to grab her.
    • Pedestrians have a tough time crossing the road with vehicles speeding over the zebra crossing at the Police Thimmaiah Circle in Bangalore.
    • Residents believe a pelican crossing should replace a zebra crossing on that stretch of road.
    • The straight or slanting lines across the road marked with or without parallel white lines indicate a designated pedestrian crossing or zebra crossing.
    • To make the zebra crossing safer the road either side was narrowed with zigzag markings and high visibility patrol signs as well as brand new beacons and lights were also installed.
    • The youngster died after she and her mother Joanne collided with a car on a zebra crossing in Southend Road, Billericay, on July 31.
    • At that time I am going to walk across the zebra crossing at Abbey Road.
    • It is the latest in a string of near misses at the zebra crossing in London Road, Stanway.
    • It might also be worth bearing in mind that once someone has one foot on the zebra crossing, its illegal not to stop.
    • The driver of the car had stopped for children to cross at the zebra crossing and was hit from behind, almost hitting the children crossing.
    • Instead of his father stepping on to a zebra crossing hoping motorists will stop, he will be able to use a light-controlled pelican crossing which will be fully disabled compliant.
    • I stopped at a zebra crossing and Michael Caine stepped out.
    • The car in front stopped at a zebra crossing and I ploughed straight into the back in my mother's yellow Escort estate.
    • The area around the black and white striped zebra crossing was reasonably clear of people.
    • Work began at the end of May to overhaul a zebra crossing and widen footways on Pickwick Road to make it safer for school children and shoppers.