Translation of zero in Spanish:


cero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈzɪroʊ/ /ˈziˌroʊ/ /ˈzɪərəʊ/

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nounplural zeros, plural zeroes

  • 1

    cero masculine
    the temperature fell below zero la temperatura bajó de los cero grados
    • it's 3 degrees below zero hace tres grados bajo cero
    • visibility is down to zero la visibilidad es nula
    • your chances of winning are zero no tienes ninguna posibilidad de ganar
  • 2US informal

    as a leader he's a total zero como dirigente / líder es un inútil


  • 1

    (invariable adjective) cero
    zero degrees centigrade cero grados centígrados
    • zero gravity gravedad nula
    • zero visibility visibilidad nula
    • zero growth crecimiento cero
  • 2 informal

    you'll get zero help from him no te va a ayudar para nada
    • her understanding of the subject is zero no tiene ni la más remota idea del tema

transitive verb zeroes, zeroing, zeroed

  • 1

    (weapon/rifle) ajustar la mira de
  • 2

    (set at zero)
    (instrument/meter) poner en cero
    (instrument/meter) poner a cero
    • Once it was zeroed the point of impact remained constant.
    • Pressure transducers were zeroed when each patient was admitted to the study per the manufacturer's instructions.
    • The third and fourth settings on the digital timer should still have been zeroed, just as when the feeder was set originally.
    • We zero the equipment, retest the sample, and, if needed, a second sample is tested.