Translation of zinc in Spanish:


cinc, n.

Pronunciation /zɪŋk/

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    cinc masculine
    zinc masculine
    • A zinc rich paint coating protects the interior of the pipe.
    • Soy beans are also a rich source of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, B-vitamins, omega - 3 fatty acids and fiber.
    • Coatings such as zinc and tin provide protection against corrosion.
    • These changes were associated with large increases in phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, manganese, and copper.
    • Bison meat contains many minerals but is highest in selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, copper and magnesium content.
    • A coating of zinc on steel can be used and the aluminum welded to it by the gas tungsten arc welding process.
    • It is very common for fireworks to contain aluminum, iron, steel, zinc or magnesium dust in order to create bright, shimmering sparks.
    • Our own bodies contain several essential metals, such as zinc, copper and iron.
    • The atomic sizes of zinc and silver differ little from that of aluminum.
    • Look for sunblocks and protective moisturizers with zinc or titanium dioxide.
    • He has been known to test his blood to regulate levels of zinc, magnesium and oxygen.
    • Fortified breakfast cereals with milk are an important source of iron, calcium, zinc, folic acid and B vitamins.
    • The roof structure is of laminated wood, clad in silver-colored aluminum and zinc.
    • Connecting the steel to a higher potential metal, such as zinc, by a wire reverses the current and halts the rebar corrosion.
    • Plates can be made from a variety of metals, including zinc, copper, bronze and steel.
    • In the water samples, elevated levels of chromium, chlorine, molybdenum, and zinc were found in the MS cluster area.
    • Most farmers are adding selenium, copper, zinc and iodine to their water supply.
    • Minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, nickel, and other metals continue to be released from the vent as long as it remains active - usually one to two years.
    • The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing other metals, especially iron and steel.
    • Alloyed with tin, copper makes bronze, and combined with zinc, it makes brass.