Translation of zombie in Spanish:


zombie, n.

Pronunciation /ˈzɑmbi/ /ˈzɒmbi/

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    zombie masculine, feminine
    zombi masculine, feminine
    like a zombie como un/una zombie / zombi
    • The living dead in pop culture are no doubt inspired by the great voodoo zombie legend of Haiti in the heart of the Caribbean.
    • And in Haiti she found eight ‘authentic cases’ of zombies, one of whom she photographed in a hospital.
    • Of course, the people of Haiti claim that they see zombies very often, but no one has been able to prove it.
    • Some scientists claim that voodoo zombies are created with this toxin.
    • The voodoo zombie is not a dead person, but a living person who has been brain damaged.
    • Portrayals in modern books, films, games, and haunted attractions, are quite different from both voodoo zombies and those of folklore.
    • In folklore, zombies are portrayed as innocent victims who are raised in a comatose trance from their graves by malevolent sorcerers.
    • In 1982, an ethnobotanist and independent scholar announced that the chemical is a major component of the voodoo elixir that turns people into zombies.
    • He cleared his throat and began to read, "A zombie is an undead person in the tradition of voodoo."
    • Basically, it's all about consciousness, and in the voodoo religions, zombies are bodies without soul.