Translation of zoo in Spanish:


zoológico, n.

Pronunciation /zu/ /zuː/

nounplural zoos

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    zoológico masculine
    zoo masculine Spain
    • Once it was only possible to see animals in zoos or in marine parks but in recent years there has been a huge growth in wildlife tourism around the world.
    • In Colombia, biologists are busy reintroducing young condors hatched in North American zoos to parks and reserves.
    • While some of the animals are kept in zoos, the Sumatran rhino is difficult to breed in captivity.
    • Studying animal in zoos has advantages, but it's no substitute for fieldwork.
    • Family trips to amusement parks, zoos, botanical gardens, and national parks will be highlighted.
    • The proceeds it makes from selling the phones go to supporting various conservation groups, primarily zoos.
    • Staff have begun moving the remaining animals out of its zoo and mothballing the fairground.
    • At one time, however, about the only way most people could see real animal predators was in zoos and circuses.
    • The trend nowadays is to loan animals from other zoos for breeding purposes.
    • We run breeding programmes in partnership with local and international zoos and swop animals to keep gene pools intact.
    • His favourite day trip would be a visit to a wildlife park or to the zoo.
    • Placement of these unwanted animals is difficult because most zoos are unwilling to take them and few sanctuary facilities exist.
    • All four animals will eventually return to zoos in China, but their offspring will be returned to wildlife reserves.
    • These animals are suffering in zoos and dying in zoos because of captivity-induced conditions.
    • So far, six codes have been approved - for layer hens, broiler chickens, pigs, circus animals, rodeos and zoos.
    • Hundreds of thousands of animals languish in zoos around the world.
    • We had a neighbour who had a private zoo and his animals would sometimes escape.
    • Effortlessly refined, he peers at his audience as if we were animals in a zoo.
    • Due to a lack of funds, some animals in the zoo are kept in small cages and some do not get enough food.
    • It is not the case that the only alternative to keeping animals in a zoo is euthanasia.