Definition of (and) that's all she wrote in English:

(and) that's all she wrote


informal North American
  • Used to convey that there is or was nothing more to be said about a matter.

    ‘we were arguing about who should pay the bill, but he pulled out a couple of hundreds and that's all she wrote’
    • ‘Someone pops a vial and pour it into a cocktail and that's the end of the story, that's all she wrote.’
    • ‘A couple of pizzas and some cold beers and that's all she wrote.’
    • ‘‘The Hurt of It All ‘voices the poet's farewell, saying ‘that's all she wrote.’’
    • ‘When trouble breaks out here, that's all she wrote till morning.’
    • ‘When you get hit with a perfect body shot, that's all she wrote.’
    • ‘‘Make the call, hold the cassette recorder to the handset, press the play button and that's all she wrote,’ he says.’
    • ‘One flat on the way back and that's all she wrote.’
    • ‘Soon planes spilled off of the carriers and that's all she wrote.’