Definition of — and counting in English:

— and counting


  • Used to say that a figure is constantly increasing.

    ‘nearly seven years later (and counting), Hackett remains undefeated’
    • ‘Dr. Wilmshurst has spent about the same amount, and counting.’
    • ‘Today, they number over 10 million and counting.’
    • ‘She's still applying for jobs - 50 and counting.’
    • ‘From the peak, prices are now down 29 % (and down to a six-year low) and counting.’
    • ‘Much of the last sort of finance had murky origins in the $1.3 trillion (and counting) returns of international crime.’
    • ‘We went from 13,000 registered people yesterday to now we're at 20,000 and counting.’
    • ‘Gas prices back in January were $3.06 a gallon, now up to $3.77 and counting.’
    • ‘And then out west, pretty big weekend there too, 50 years and counting.’
    • ‘We publish some 75 open access titles now, and counting.’
    • ‘Over the last few weeks, the Bush administration has been busy filling seats left by eight (and counting) departing cabinet secretaries.’