Definition of — one's head off in English:

— one's head off


  • Talk, laugh, etc. unrestrainedly.

    ‘he was drunk as a skunk and singing his head off’
    • ‘But if you are from England, you are probably laughing your head off, as that topped the regional results back then.’
    • ‘As soon as the curtains go up you will be laughing your head off.’
    • ‘Mostly, his blackly comic writing will make you laugh your head off, but it can also rip your heart out.’
    • ‘I found this too hilarious, and continued to sit on the floor, laughing my head off.’
    • ‘I was laughing my head off along with everybody else as we watched this spectacle.’
    • ‘When Alex had presented it to me, only just four months ago, it had made me laugh my head off.’
    • ‘When I picked up the phone, Nick was still there, laughing his head off.’
    • ‘Five minutes later, he came out of the school with a group of about six people, laughing his head off.’
    • ‘He released me a minute or two later, after laughing his head off at me like I was a freak of nature.’
    • ‘I told him the story and he laughed his head off, brought his nurses in and we all had a good laugh.’