Definition of — one's socks off in English:

— one's socks off


  • Do something with great energy and enthusiasm.

    • ‘she acted her socks off’
    • ‘Prepare to laugh your socks off with the craziest clowns in town and top circus acts from all over the world at the Circus Hilarious show which takes place at Forum 28, Duke Street, on Wednesday, February 16, at 2pm and 5pm.’
    • ‘And within three minutes you're laughing your socks off, which is a good sign.’
    • ‘Rock and dance your socks off to the tunes of DJ Steady B and guests from the Kidnapper Crew, whose films will be projected on the walls.’
    • ‘Did I see you on the telly, singing your socks off in front of Simon, Sharon and Louis?’
    • ‘Mrs Avison, 54, who has been headteacher at the school for five years, said: ‘Some of the pupils worked their socks off to get G grades.’’
    • ‘And Rev Phillips reserved special praise for church-goers who had helped push forward the renovations: ‘They have worked their socks off over the last 20 years.’’
    • ‘That said however, there's a great self belief in this team and the players will work their socks off for each other.’
    • ‘Club entertainments manager Norman Russon said: ‘Everyone had worked their socks off and we raised thousands of pounds.’’
    • ‘My daughter and my granddaughters were sobbing their socks off.’
    • ‘They have worked their socks off to achieve it, which is wonderful.’