Definition of — the pants off someone in English:

— the pants off someone


  • Do the specified thing to someone with great severity.

    ‘she scared the pants off all who worked with her’
    ‘more brands seek to gain loyal customers and beat the pants off their competition’
    • ‘It's a fine line between motivating people to stop smoking and scaring the pants off them.’
    • ‘If there is one category of horror movies that scares the pants off me, it's zombies, and this remake certainly got me jumping and twitching in my seat.’
    • ‘There is a class of person who delights in trying to scare the pants off you with appalling tales of child-rearing horror.’
    • ‘I promise not to bore the pants off you with my holiday snaps when I come back.’
    • ‘[It has] dialogue to bore the pants off you even if the play were not stretched out beyond endurance.’