Definition of (as) dead as a (or the) dodo in English:

(as) dead as a (or the) dodo


  • 1informal Completely dead or extinct.

    1. 1.1No longer effective, valid, or interesting.
      ‘the campaign was as dead as a dodo’
      • ‘I feel full-blown £20,000-a-year constables are not going to be widely used on foot patrols because top brass officers think that type of policing is dead as the dodo.’
      • ‘While the League's television bid might now be as dead as a dodo, there are some vital facts that any future television deal-makers will find interesting to pore over.’
      • ‘Thank God the idea of regional assemblies is now as dead as a dodo.’
      • ‘Besides far-fetched ideas like taxing everyone for authors rights, or technically blocking filesharing, or a major government crackdown on filesharing, the story is basically dead as a dodo.’
      • ‘What does he say now that the social entrepreneur scheme is as dead as a dodo?’
      • ‘It was a final flurry worth waiting for and made all the more remarkable after a dead as a dodo first half.’
      • ‘Underlying this evolution of a new journalistic hybrid is the conviction that traditional photojournalism, as practiced since the days of Matthew Brady, is as dead as the dodo.’
      • ‘Also bear in mind that this region is as dead as a dodo at night.’
      • ‘In fact, the upstairs bar was as dead as a dodo, but the downstairs bar, facing the diners, was even more convenient.’
      • ‘Dreams of a secular India, where the commanding heights of the economy are in the public sector, are as dead as a dodo.’