Definition of (as) neat (or clean) as a pin in English:

(as) neat (or clean) as a pin


  • Extremely neat or clean.

    • ‘Their mini daytime diner is neat as a pin, but clearly dated.’
    • ‘My house is bursting with love and sunshine, bright and neat as a pin inside, and my husband and I put our feet under our huge dog Ralph to keep warm.’
    • ‘A house that's clean and neat as a pin gives the impression that the property is easy to maintain, while clutter and grime suggest the house lacks storage space and needs a good deal of upkeep.’
    • ‘Welcoming, brightly hued and neat as a pin, with nothing on the menu over $9, family-owned Miguelito's is the kind of unpretentious ethnic spot for which culinary adventurers are always on the lookout.’
    • ‘He continued to lead the lady past the houses, she counted 15, seven to their right and eight to their left, all were neat as a pin and although mainly small extended a glow from within which felt welcoming to the Lady.’
    • ‘Randall is middle-age, uptight salesman at a conservative clothing store who lives in fear of everything and is neat as a pin.’
    • ‘In this kitchen, the chrome makes the whole stove area look sleek and polished - and where is it more important to have things looking neat as a pin than in the kitchen?’
    • ‘She was neat as a pin - the complete opposite of me - and possessed stunning looks that would make half of the women in the world jealous.’
    • ‘Rancho's digs were neat as a pin, and bleak in that universal laminated, orange-and-yellow franchise mode.’
    • ‘She had taught her son to hate to clutter also, and therefore his room was neat as a pin.’