Definition of (as) sick as a parrot in English:

(as) sick as a parrot


British informal
  • Extremely disappointed.

    ‘if I was to break my leg tomorrow I'd be as sick as a parrot’
    • ‘‘I really am, as the old cliché goes, sick as a parrot because I really do think it was three points missed and at this stage of the season we need three points, nothing more, nothing less,’ he said.’
    • ‘It's a fair bet that the husband was sick as a parrot when he found out he had missed the first half of the season.’
    • ‘Dave, should have looked as sick as a parrot, but instead beamed a ghastly smile as he enthused about the prospect of Team GB entering a British Football Team into the 2012 Olympic Games.’
    • ‘Computer users who fall for this trick will be feeling as sick as a parrot when their bank accounts are emptied and they find they have become the victim of identity fraudsters.’
    • ‘I must admit when Wakerdine suffered his groin injury so soon after the transfer of Edmunds I was feeling as sick as a parrot, but then we've always had a strong reserve line-up so even then I was hoping for a result.’
    • ‘‘The only thing that has made Ciarán sick as a parrot is Ireland's defeat against Spain in the World Cup,’ said Margaret.’