Definition of 4D printing in English:

4D printing


  • The action or process of using 3D printing techniques to create an object that is able to change its shape or properties in a predictable way over time in reaction to conditions such as exposure to water, air, heat, or an electric current.

    ‘add a time dimension and energy source to 3D printing and you have 4D printing’
    • ‘Will 3D or 4D printing mean we no longer need to procure spare parts from miles and miles away?’
    • ‘A mathematician has been crunching the numbers to push us beyond 3D printing, and into advanced 4D printing.’
    • ‘To date, hydrogels and shape memory polymers are the two main active polymers used in 4D printing.’
    • ‘The use cases for 4D printing are pretty varied, especially in the medical field.’
    • ‘4D printing's first applications will probably be a little more military in nature.’
    • ‘The science is known as 4D printing because the implants can conform over time as the body moves or grows.’
    • ‘Even though 3D printing has barely been established, engineers are already hard at work on 4D printing.’
    • ‘4D printing is trying to address the development of smart, multi-functional, responsive materials.’
    • ‘This episode of A Week in Science explains how 4D printing works, and some of its incredible potential.’
    • ‘Advancements in 4D printing could allow for the creation of actively adaptive cells.’