Definition of AIDS-related complex in English:

AIDS-related complex


  • The symptoms of a person who is infected with HIV but does not necessarily develop the disease.

    ‘the man suffers from AIDS-related complex’
    • ‘These symptoms are referred to as AIDS-related complex (ARC) and include fever, rashes, weight loss, and wasting.’
    • ‘Dr. McKinley said the patients enrolled in the study had the typical symptoms of AIDS-related complex, such as swollen lymph nodes, infections in the mouth and low immune cell counts that made them candidates to progress to full-fledged AIDS.’
    • ‘Federal officials said today that the drug has been shown, in small studies, to slow the progression of disease in patients suffering from AIDS-related complex.’
    • ‘After three years, 22 percent of the participants had developed AIDS and 19 percent had AIDS-related complex, assorted symptoms that are often precursors to the disease itself.’
    • ‘AIDS-related Complex is a more advanced level of HIV infection.’


AIDS-related complex

/ˌādz rəˌlādid ˈkämpleks/ /ˌeɪdz rəˌleɪdɪd ˈkɑmplɛks/