Definition of Ada in English:



  • A high-level computer programming language used chiefly in real-time computerized control systems, e.g. for aircraft navigation.

    ‘The GNAT compiler from Ada Core Technologies allowed a seamless and fluid transition from Linux to an Ada 95 system.’
    • ‘I am a counter-example to Dennis Ludwig's statement ‘I have yet to meet an Ada basher who really knows the language.’’
    • ‘For each of seven focal teams, we used an Ada program on a PC to generate 999 random permutations of rearranged songs and calculated the mean IFM for these artificial samples.’
    • ‘There are a good deal of books you can buy that offer good to excellent quality teaching materials for learning Ada and all its inner technologies.’
    • ‘It is assumed that you already know the syntax of Ada and have a rudimentary understanding of the semantics.’



/ˈādə/ /ˈeɪdə/


1970s named after Ada Lovelace (see Lovelace, Ada).