Definition of Albigenses in English:


plural noun

  • The members of a heretical sect in southern France in the 12th–13th centuries, identified with the Cathars. Their teaching was a form of Manichaean dualism, with an extremely strict moral and social code.

    ‘Montanists, Paulicians, Albigenses, Waldensians, and even St. Patrick of Ireland as some of the forerunners to the German Anabaptists, who in turn gave rise to the modern Baptist churches.’
    • ‘The proclamational approach of the book of Acts had gradually transferred from Rome to the sectarian movements of the early and mid-Middle Ages: e.g., Paulicians, Albigenses, and Waldenses.’
    • ‘The Church defined heresy, and repressed it severely, as when Pope Innocent III launched the armed Crusade that brutally repressed the Albigenses and devastated [desolated] much of southern France.’
    • ‘Dr Guirdham was again puzzled because Albigenses [;] was another name of the Cathars and Raymonds was the Count of Toulouse who ordered the massacre of the sect.’
    • ‘A heretic: the name was particularly applied to the Albigenses.’



/ˌalbəˈjensēz/ /ˌælbəˈdʒɛnsiz/


From medieval Latin, from Albiga, the Latin name of Albi in southern France.