Definition of Alexander technique in English:

Alexander technique

Pronunciation /ˌæləɡˈzændər tɛkˈnik/


  • A system of body awareness designed to promote well-being by ensuring minimum effort in maintaining postures and carrying out movements.

    ‘For example, acupuncture, the Alexander technique, reflexology, yoga and massage, and aromatherapy may be helpful.’
    • ‘Acupuncture and the Alexander technique may help relieve discomfort.’
    • ‘The Alexander technique (which improves the posture) and yoga (which improves strength and flexibility of muscles) are obvious examples.’
    • ‘A Kingston school which teaches pupils the Alexander technique, a method of improving posture, has launched a book which is used to teach the subject to pupils.’
    • ‘Some people find that the symptoms of a hiatus hernia can be improved by better postural balance which may be achieved with the Alexander technique.’


1930s named after Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869–1955), the Australian-born actor and elocutionist who developed it.