Definition of All Hallows in English:

All Hallows


another term for All Saints' Day
‘Like All Hallows Eve, Twelfth Night was a night of revels, performances, masking, costumes, and misrule.’
  • ‘Her mother always attended the annual All Hallows Eve festivity, and was never found the whole weekend until she returned Monday, cursed with a horrible hangover and God knows what else.’
  • ‘The escort arrived for the All Hallows Eve Festival.’
  • ‘In honor of All Hallows' Eve, I would like to bring you a ghost story.’
  • ‘The bad news is that this All Hallows' Eve is likely to have more than the usual share of actual fear.’
  • ‘As we have arrived at the first day of the month that concludes with All Hallows Eve and Reformation Day, I was wondering how people here mark the last day of October.’
  • ‘Berat Kandili is a nighttime holiday similar to All Hallows' Eve in Christianity.’
  • ‘Later when Christians took on the festival they concealed it in the guise of All Saints day (or All Hallows Eve), when the all Christian saints were remembered.’
  • ‘Yesterday was All Hallows Eve, making today All Hallows Day, but this is not the same as Halloween.’
  • ‘With the spread of Christianity, the Roman Catholic church would make November 1 a church holiday to honour all saints, which became All Saints Day or Hallowmas or All Hallows.’
  • ‘Unfortunately, just giving the date a ‘holy’ name like All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve cannot change its grisly character.’
  • ‘Once again, it is time for All Hallows Eve: pumpkins are turning up on doorsteps, and small children are dressing like ghouls and pop stars.’
  • ‘Two vampire bats were hanging up side down at 2am on the morning on All Hallows' Eve awaiting the most ghostly day of the year.’
  • ‘Blame it on the mischievous spirits of All Hallows Eve.’
  • ‘They were dreams of the night that he had formally revealed himself to her or the night that they had danced together on All Hallows Eve.’
  • ‘Since then all that had changed was the number of days, which had become a slow countdown to All Hallows Eve.’
  • ‘I first got a clue that there was more to All Hallows Eve when my family took a holiday in Scotland one October half term when I was ten.’


All Hallows

/ˌôl ˌhalōz/ /ˌɔl ˌhæloʊz/ /ˌäl ˌhalōz/ /ˌɑl ˌhæloʊz/