Definition of Andrewsarchus in English:



  • A very large carnivorous mammal (Andrewsarchus mongoliensis, order Creodonta) of the Eocene epoch.

    ‘At least the teeth of Andrewsarchus seem to make it more of scavenger than Tyrannosaurus might have been.’
    • ‘Also, what did the world look like during the time of the Andrewsarchus, plate tectonically?’
    • ‘However, the possibility of Andrewsarchus hunting or scavenging in or near ancient rivers has not been completely ruled out.’
    • ‘A rhino-sized, wolf-like carnivore, Andrewsarchus is actually a relative of our familiar hoofed animals and a distant relative of the early whale, Basilosaurus.’
    • ‘The carcass of an Embolotherium would have provided a feast for a gathering of Andrewsarchus 37 million years ago.’



/ˌandro͞oˈsärkəs/ /ˌændruˈsɑrkəs/


Modern Latin from the name of the US palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews (1884-1960), who led the expedition on which the animal's fossils were found, + Greek arkhos ‘ruler’.